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November 06, 2010


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Anna aka Gots2noJohstono

This was the first thing I read this morning. Hilarious! Here's hoping mine sleeps in. :)


I have so many comments for this post! It's more of a discussion, so not enough room in one comment box. Good day!


I'm a new reader and follow you on Twitter and joined your noplobomoho group too :)
GREAT stuff!


Love it. Mine is a once-a-weeker, if I'm lucky. I was awoken to a hard one the other night....a few kisses on the neck, getting all hot, and then he rolls over and puts my hand down there. He claimed we'd go again. I naively believed him. It was so fast, slightly pathetic. Talk about needing training, maybe I can use that one on him to increase my. odds of more fun.


you should rename his penis Red Rider. but be careful, you'll shoot your eye out. yeah, that joke was shit.

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