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November 29, 2010


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By Word of Mouth

LOL, that is hilarious!


8 hours?!?! That's not BUSTED that's HEAVEN!!

Dana Udall-Weiner

Hard to say it better than that.


Ha ha All parents fantasy. Mine includes a chef too.


That is awesome!

Tom Baker

I know a lot of people who are lacking proper sleep because of their kids. This is an acceptable way to cheat on your wife as long as she gets to cheat too!


you married folk are funny.


Bahahahaha! That's awesome!

Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity.com

Wait, 8 hours of pure, peaceful sleep?? And no one had to be sedated?

Or smothered?

It exists?

Will Santa bring me some?


I hadn't thought of that. Hold on...one problem, who would look after the kids?

WTH am I Doing

Oh...that is such an amazing thought. I'm going to go fantasize about that now, excuse me....


Even though English is my first (and only) language, there's a term in there that I don't understand. "Uninterrupted sleep." Sleep, I understand. It's that thing that I get a few hours of here and there after doing a ton of stuff in the house, dragging myself to bed way too late, worrying about the coughing coming from the kids' room and just before the alarm rings in the morning. ("The alarm rings" meaning either the actual alarm or, more likely, my older son yelling "DADDY!!!" when he is perfectly capable of coming into the room on his own and is risking waking his brother up by yelling.)

No, it's this "uninterupted" word. I seem to recall doing things "uninterrupted" in the BC age (before children), but now? Let's see. Get everyone dinner ready, get mine, sit down to eat and... interrupted for seconds, more water, cries because they don't like what I served, calls for dessert, etc. Sitting down to watch TV and... calls for help with one thing or another or cries that one is hitting the other (usually because the one being hit egged on the one doing the hitting). Cuddling with my wife? Forget about it. Kids have a special radar for this sort of thing and will do everything possible to interrupt until you sigh and accept that it's not going to happen right now.

Even this comment is getting interrupted as I need to go brush my youngest child's teeth so he can go to sleep. What is this "uninterrupted" thing again?


Sleep... oh god such bliss to sleep without being woken.

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