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October 04, 2010


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first, kick some ass today!

i'm not telling the internet my most embarrassing moment.

but James Franco would play me in a movie. i have a difficult time relating to female actresses.

That One Mom

You mean my life isn't a Hollywood movie? Well what the hell? Why does all of this stupid shiz keep happening to me? That's it. I quit. Hahahaha! Hope your interview goes well!

Fred Miller

My most embarrasing moments are always about blowing my stack. Not pretty.

After reading the Josh Brolin interview in Playboy this month, I see that he'd be perfect to play me. His entire personality is like mine. And we're the same age.

Fred Miller

Oh, and kick some ass. You'll be wonderful!


OMG! I just did an interview like this last week and I am waiting on results. I had to answer questions like that and the "assesment" was aweful so I am hoping that even though I didn't answer many of the questions that I did it so calmly that it didn't matter heh.

Good luck!


One of my most embarrassing moments was during high school. In our tiny town there was nothing better to do on weekends but cruise the "strip" between the Sonic and the movie theater. I couldn't drive yet and was sitting in the back of a truck with a bunch of people. The weather was just turning cold. I am one of those people that my nose runs constantly when I am out in the cold.

I was wiping my nose with my trusty tissues while trying to still appear cool with snot running down my face. Who looks cool blowing their nose?

One of the "popular" guys from school was actually riding with us and that made the situation that much worse. After a few laps on the strip we went to Taco Bell to get some dinner and warm up.

We walked into the restaurant and stood in line to order. I notice the cashier giving me a funny look. One of my friends looks at me and taps her nose.

In what felt like super slow mo mode I reach up to feel MY nose to find that I have a HUGE booger plastered to the tip of nose. This sucker was the size of my thumb (almost). The "popular" guy was standing behind me in line and then he saw it.

The crowd of people I was with almost fell on the floor they were laughing so hard.

I wanted the floor to swallow me whole. I did what I had to though and peeled it off my face and then ordered my Mexican Pizza.

To this day, after I blow my nose I give a quick feel check to make sure no snot remnants are left.

I hope you rock your interview!


Rock their socks off at the interview! Also, I'm not sure if this is accurate to my personality or looks or anything, but I'd really like Zooey Deschanel to play me in my Hollywood life-movie. Yeah, that'd be swell.


Good luck today, you'll rock that interview!!

my most embarrassing moment ... it was the summer that I turned 13, so I was already in that omg everything is weird teenage phase ... I went with my mom to the video store ... once we got inside, she went one way, I went the other towards the very back of the store ... I found a movie and decided to run across the store (it was open in the middle with all the shelves along the walls) to show my mom ... she could hear me running, said later it sounded like a herd of cows (thanks mom) and looked out from behind the shelf she was viewing ... just as she popped her head out I tripped over my flip flop and went flying ... now THAT sounded like a herd of cows crashing into a fence ... the movie went sliding across the floor ... I got up and walked out of the store ... my mom was standing there laughing her ass off ... I went and sat on the bumper of the truck waiting for her and hiding from whoever was in the video store during my crash landing ... every time I think about that moment I still get all flustered

if my life were made into a hollywood movie, I'd like Emma Stone (as she was in the House Bunny movie, post makeover kicking Shelly out) to play me ... the geek with the inner hottie trying to find my way ;o)

The Megster

KITTY KIT!!! Hope you had successful meetings today. And I hope you didn't trip and fall at your first introduction like I've done. (That's not embarrassing so much as normal.) Anywhat, you inspired me and I wrote. Finally.

Check it, wreck it, double deck it:

SOrry - but I wasn't about to purge in your comment section.



1) Tell me about your most embarassing moment.
I have many, from my hard partying days, but this one is more recent!
We were in Wal-Mart and they were out of the one thing I went in to get. I said, "Son of a" before I realized my kids were with me and my youngest one said, "Bitch, Mommy! You forgot the BITCH!"

2) If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would play you?
Reese Witherspoon, mostly because I know she can pull off the accent!


Hope your interview went well, I have a sales background and from your writing style alone, I'd hire you. Companies need to hire on attitude, skills can be taught but you can't teach personality!

Love your blog.


Those are horrible interview questions, LOL. I have too many embarrassing moments to pick just one. Hilary Swank would play me in a movie, though. I have a major girl-crush on her.

Good luck with your interview!


I'm constantly having "embarassing" moments--according to my kids. Just this evening, upon returning from the grocery store to get milk, I went into my bedroom to change to my "ahhh, now I'm home!" clothes and discovered my pants were unzipped--ALL THE WAY DOWN!! They were buttoned, at least. But I walked around the whole store like that, buying extra things and looking for something for lunch tomorrow.

I would like Diane Lane to play me in a movie. She is smart, classy, sexy, and looks good without a stitch of makeup. It's really more of a thing where I want to be like her (okay, maybe sometimes I can be like her at different times in my life), instead of she is just like me. If she's not available, a little younger Susan Sarandon.

Sally Megan

Dammit, I was holding out for the Math test. I LIKE those things.
Oh well, onto the others, and hopefully I'll get a job out of it.
Most embarrassing moment? I'm spoiled for options.
Every public speaking class through highschool? I'm one of those people that enjoys public speaking about as much as a colonoscopy without anaesthetic. I have distinct memories of my heart pounding, hands sweating and a good purple blush spreading from my scalp to my belly button. The worst time was when I'd spent days practising, my Dad helping me to ignore distractions and focus on what I had to say. I got up in front of the class and forgot my speech. Entirely. Couldn't even remember what it was about, and my note cards made no sense to me. I didn't recover from that one, I failed the class. Thankfully, once I hit adulthood and I had got a job as a club entertainment hostess and spoke into a microphone for a living I realised that a) the people listening don't really care what I say and b) I don't really care if you don't like it.
If someone was going to play me in a movie of my life, I'd like it to be Angelina Jolie, but a) she's too tall and b) she doesn't fall over enough.
Better go with Toni Collette. She'd be convincing and she wouldn't mangle my accent.
So can I have a job? I'd be perfect for Quality Assurance at #wineparty. So long as I only have to test the whites.

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