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October 27, 2010


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Elizabeth Flora Ross

Our bathroom is attached to our bedroom too. Which can be entirely too much closeness for even the happiest of married couples! LOL


First, I laughed out loud because I picture my husband while reading this, not yours. Second, I handed my computer to my hub to read this. I said, "It's not long, I promise." He said, "Words no man ever wants to hear."

D.A. Schweiss

Hi Kit,

You had me laughing at the "stretch" part. My wife can totally relate to this story. I read in the bathroom, too, and she's always worrying about me damaging my legs by sitting so long. TMI, I know.

Thanks for the laugh!

Lindsay Ann

I'm glad my husband isn't the only one. When I'm lucky, he will sing a little song too.

Oh romance.


Alexandra the Tsaritsa

HAHA, that is awesome! Why do guys take longer on the toilet than ladies? Maybe they are really camping out in there for some quiet time... I mean, I like to read when I'm in there, too, but not for an hour!


I admit to a little bathroom reading. I do. When Hubs is home I beeline it for the bathroom. It's the only damn time I get alone time with 3 kids in this house. And still, I find myself yelling things like, "do not cross the marble tile! do! not! cross!" My neighbors love me.


That was actually great inspiration to read a book. Sans pants, apparently.

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