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October 18, 2010


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Were it not for dreamers, nothing would ever have been accomplished.

red pen mama

My husband does the exact same calculations before he plans our relocation to Italy.


I think that's a pretty good way to look at the lottery. I have a vast collection of toys/figures/cards/ect. and I loo kat them rpetty much the same way.

Fred Miller

I would just give it all to Tessa.

Elly Lou

My husband plays that $2k a week for life thing and has it mapped out to the last penny. Which is cute since we'd spend it all on a house and buckets of glitter, damnit.

That One Mom

I've only bought a lottery ticket a handful of times, but I still ove to fantasize about what I would do with the dinero...


I like to play the Publisher's Clearing House. I just know they'll show up on my doorstep with that huge check one day. and then I'll pay off my student loans, buy a house, and take my friends traveling around the globe. then I'll buy a baby. because I've always wanted one of those.


We play the lotto every now and then but not regularly. If we ever won, we would pay for a week-long Disney World vacation for all of our friends and family.

Lindsay Ann

I LOVE the lottery! I play but never check my tickets - I hate hearing I've lost.

Once or twice a year I take my stack of unchecked tickets to the counter and usually take home enough for dinner and a movie.

It works out well.


D H-Arza

Lottery is a big part of my youth...My dad always asked me and my sister for numbers for pick 6 (NJ)...I think I was 6 years old and I gave my dad all the numbers but he only played half of my numbers...He always asked me after that but no luck..


You know that saying "you gotta be in it to win it"?

Well, ok, buying a ticket in the lottery WOULD help me win it. And for you, I'm buying one for a 15 million jackpot tomorrow. Fingers crossed I'm your neighbour soon :P

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