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October 13, 2010


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Wait so what happened with the call? Did they make you an offer? You left us hanging!!!


Bwahaha I love the dragon slayer :)


My boyfriend & I occasionally play host to his five neices & nephews (not at the same time, lest he never wants to have sex with me again). Although I very rarely have any important calls when I'm not at work, having no kids myself yet means that I'm totally thrown off by the amount of noise they can make when I'm trying to have any kind of phone conversation around them. Since I'm not mom, & definitely want to retain "Cool Aunt Kate" status, I manage to avoid using the scary voice I use with the dog to tell them to "EFFING BE QUIET ALREADY". So, my new trick is to very calmly ask the pizza guy to hold, turn to kids & inform them that I'm speaking with Santa, because (and I only had to explain this once), Santa calls aunts & uncles to check up on little boys' and girls' behavior, since he knows that their moms and dads are sometimes too used to their kids to be able to give him an honest status update. I then take the phone into the other room to wrap up my conversation so as to avoid questions like, "why were you telling Santa what public drive folder he could find the payroll report in?". God, I'm SO gonna rock this motherhood thing out.

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