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October 11, 2010


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Funny! Once my son turned 2, we decided he was entertaining enough to cancel cable.

Who's Carmen?


By Word of Mouth

My husband has always cooked with our girls. One day he was making a pie of sorts and needed to tenderize the meat. He gave my eldest who was five at the time a rolling pin and told her to just beat it down.
My mother came in a short while later and asked what she had been doing that morning ... she announced
I was helping Daddy beat his meat ...


You are the Erma Bombeck for the new generation. Write a book!


I, too, have a 3 year old daughter. While she is potty trained, she still has a few poop accidents. The other day I found her to be a little too quiet so I asked, "Do you have poop in your panties?" She replies without even turning around, "Well, there's SOMETHING rolling around in there." I suggest we check to which she says, "I think it's brown." Laughed until I cried.


ha! your kids sound awesome


Very funny! "Dusting daddy's pork chops" made me laugh!


It's so great that you write these things down to remember how funny they can be! (and probably to keep you sane and read it when they're not being so funny!)
My son reached into my grandmother's shirt between her buttons yesterday and grabbed her boob. I didn't know whether to laugh or look away.

Truthful Mommy

Apparently your first commenter doesn't realize Carmen is your trusty bedside bitch:)LOL I love the things my girls say.They keep me simultaneously pulling my hair out and pissing my pants at almost all hours of the day.Happy Mothering!


I love #3, anytime someone spits out their drink, it's fantastic!! And, #4 is just too funny!!!


Farts are HILARIOUS!!! So is poop.


That's your baby girl :) Torture daddy xx

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