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October 20, 2010


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Bwahahahahahahaha!! Poor babies. That is funny. I don't like to me scared. One time I was taking a shower and my 7 yo was laying in my bed watching TV. She had been running back and forth to talk to me. The last five minutes or so she had been quiet. It was heaven! I turned the water off, opened the shower curtain to grab my towel and there she was. My cute little 7 year old daughter just standing there staring at me. I screamed so loud my 12 yo son came running to my rescue. She thought it was hilarious.

Rocker 38

Oh what a hoot, can just feel the stomach-aching laughter while trying to comfort the kiddies. You crazy woman!


you totally and completely rock my world. their tears were so worth the joke! and they'll remember this for years to come and tell their children what a cool (or maybe cruel) mom they had.


Can't stop laughing. My kids are always scaring the crap out of me and they think it's hilarious (okay, it IS). But I might need to get one of those masks. So funny. (Except they would both want to sleep in my bed forevermore.)

Truthful Mommy

Bwahahaha! I so hide around every corner in my house and scare the living shit out of my girls (3 &5) on a regular basis. AS soon as they survived that initial scare & we were in the clear of Long QT syndrome, its become a regular thing. You think they'd learn.OF course, they both have slept with me the last 7 months..I guess I should stop doing that:)LMAO


OMG Yet again you show me that you are my hero! I SO would have done the same thing. Normally it ends up back firing on me and I end up scaring myself, but I'm a pussy.


HAHAHAHAHAHA This reminds me of my brother frightening my nephew on halloween. He hid in a closet & turned the lights out in the bedroom...and I sent my nephew in to get something or other - my brother then jumped out of the closet wearing some ghoulish mask with a flashlight under his chin. Poor little boy was scare sh*tless. We had a GREAT laugh at his expense while rubbing his shoulder soothingly.

Liz in Virginia

My son used to stand outside my daughter's bedroom door. He just stood there. He didn't make a scary face, or crouch menacingly, or anything that might be construed as scary. Nope -- he just stood there. And every single time he did it, when she came out of her room she saw him, screamed, and burst into tears. Funniest thing I've ever seen in my life.


THANK GOD for you...you make me proud to share the name "Mom".


Oh yes, the years of growing up with jokes and scaring have rubbed off on me too! I LOVE it! The best was when one day I came home early from work, my 12ish daughter was due home from school, she had been trying to tell me for weeks that I couldn't scare her, Siily, Silly, Girl!!! I waited and knew this was my chance! I saw her come up the driveway, and got into the showerstall, she always peed the second she walked into the house!! Oh yeah, you know where it's going.... she comes in, says hi to the dogs, never suspects a thing, goes into the bathroom to pee, sits down, starts to pee, and I pull back the curtain and scream... she screams and about shits herself, I about die laughing, she cusses, says I am "SOOOOO not funny", and pulls up her pants and tries to leave..... well, needless to say I didn't get the Mother of The Year Award that year either, but hey she didn't screw with me after that either. I'm still laughing at the memory and she is grown with kids of her own that she scares now! It's in her genes, what can I say!! : ))

jordan 12

Good posts you wrote,many ideas I got from it,hope better in the future.


best ever!! I must start doing this. I never realized all the fun I'm missing out on! The few times I've accidently scared my husband he's chicken necked me (thanks, Navy) so scaring someon on purpose isn't on my radar. Now it is!

Bitter Betty

That's not a mom fail, that's a mom win! I so would have done the same thing. In fact I'm the reason my son is afraid of the Halloween stores now! Bwahahaha!!!


Have you suffered for it at bedtime since?


The Hopeful Romantic

Pahhaaa! Fantastic!

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