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October 14, 2010


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Mrs. MidAtlantic

I first learned about kegels when my boss needed to have his prostate removed, because apparently they really help speed the recovery from such surgery. So it sounds to me that you'll be in great shape if you ever need your prostate removed. Which is unlikely, seeing as you (probably) don't have one to begin with.

Miss Tricky

I'm so glad you have given me a forum in which to say...

"OHMYGOD the sex this pregnancy is AMAZING!!" I am an orgasm machine. It's like, "hey! Did you look at my boob? I think I'll cum then" up in here!


Kegels? Also good. But not THAT good.


I found your blog on clever girls and all I can say is Wow!

Lady-like Pervert

I do believe you and I may have been separated at birth!

Kegels... um, I could take them or leave them. I just paused my comment to squeeze out a few, and I completely agree with your position. I feel the same about a nice long seated hamstring stretch (on the floor, legs straight in front, touch your toes) I do a little bounce, you know, for the stretches purpose... ahhhh. Many a sunday morning I can be found on the matts of my gym... pouncing... flushed!


I did 2 and now I could definitely play monkey and go for a swing... Of course it doesn't help listening to two couples doing EXACTLY that right now in my house *sigh*

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