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October 01, 2010


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That One Mom

I found you thru someone's blogroll. Thanks for the great morning belly laughs.


So, I read my husband your "He's trying to kill me" post and the relative comments. First thing - I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound insincere; we live in Maine. *cough*

Secondly - My husband thinks your husband should check out a favorite message board of his (for other people who plan like they do): www.alpharubicon.com

And last- He wanted to know if your husband thinks he has enough ammo. Then he started laughing. O.o So maybe you shouldn't ask that question.....


"1) I'm anonymous and none of you even know my name" except for meeeeeeeee lol but i'll never tell a soul! cross my heart.

can't wait for wineparty, now i'm not such a noob so i should be more comfortable :-)

Fred Miller

Tessa quit going to the ER when they prescribed Valium for her respiratory arrest. Valium is a respiratory inhibitor, and Tessa has muscular dystrophy.


As for wishing you luck on the interviews, I will quote my mom: "You don't need luck; you have skill and brilliance." Hope everyone is well really soon.


I'm sorry to hear about your son's fever/illness. Fevers are evil things in our households as we've been through more febrile seizures than I care to count. (They're harmless but it doesn't look like it when you see your own child going through one.) Whenever a fever strikes, we medicate with Motrin and Tylenol on an alternating basis until the danger has passed.

Thanks to these (plus my sons apparent desire to stress me until I'm bald), we've had more than our fair share of ER trips. I can completely sympathize about ER nurses who can't perform certain tests and long waits. We now know which ER's near us are good and which aren't. Now, with luck, we won't have to put that knowledge to use ever again!


At least you know how to pronounce it! Where I live half the population gets diagnosed with "strip throat", and the rest of them have acid reflex. By now the medicine should have worked its magic, I hope your child is much better!

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