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October 12, 2010


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Alexandra the Tsaritsa

Diet Coke is my side jawn but Large Americanos are my main thang.


feel better, sister. be sure to take care of yourself.

brandy-son Zen master flash

BATTERIES!!! Yes - thanks for the reminder!

Truthful Mommy

Diet Coke, Imitrex ,my Mac and 6 pm bedtime for my girls, without these things I could not survive!


OMG...would have guessed you want DC as your lover. I'm right with ya' sista!


Oh if the world doesn't include Maxalt for migraines and AA's for my Carmen, I'm out!! Just sayin'!!!


I've been brewing tea with feverfew and kava to help with headaches lately, and it's made a difference. Also, valerian root tea keeps me from staying up all night stressing. There's been some pretty great research about feverfew and migraines. Just in case you wanna try something new. :)


I would marry green tea, cookies 'n cream ice cream, and popcorn with nacho cheese. I'd be all polygamous a la Big Love. tiramisu would be my lesbian lover. Rosie the vibrator can come too. apparently I'm also a bit of a food slut.

Lindsay Ann

One word: PIZZA.

You can do so much with it.

Love your blog (but who doesn't).

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