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September 22, 2010


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I don't like gin because it makes my pants fall down in airports and during PTA meetings and waiting in line at the DMV... and church.


I've been there, done that, but with bourbon! Still can't bring myself to even try a single sip of it! Isn't it strange how something like that will stay with you forever!!!! Ohhhh, to be young and REALLY stupid! Don't want to trade and go back for a second, haha!!


My mother used to drink gin & Squirt and I swear that mix should have been called the "Zombie Grapefruit." It was vile, and made me never ever want to drink gin. ^^;;

And right there with you on the Daylight Savings Time hate.


Funny story! Gin...yuuuck! Everybody has that drink that they just can't do anymore. Mine is anything RED. Sounds weird right? But if I do one spicy shot, I puke it up within 2 seconds.


OH GAWD. Its not Daylight Savings Time today is it?!?! I hate that!

Truthful Mommy

OH, you poor thing. There is a video of me and a knock down drag out fight with Mad Dog 20/20. I was 18, it was my going away party, my best girlfriend kept saying.:Just drink it. Its like juice" Uh yeah, that bitch lied to me. Maybe like chemical warfare juice that attacks you from the inside out. I think that bitch was trying to kill me so I couldn't go away to school.They tried to take me somewhere , anywhere other than my parents, to sleep it off. Of course, after a few hours of puking on an early Saturday evening..they figured I was my Moms problem and they dropped me at the front door. Of course, my slightly younger brother thought it was quite hilarious to see his goody 2 shoes sister dethroned and so he videotaped for posterity.What an asshole. That's why I don't drink anything that cost less than $2 or tastes like "juice" That's also why I haven't allowed a going away party fro me since.LOL

Miss Tricky

Nothing smells worse than gin puke. FACT.


honey, that's the kind of story that should dismiss you from all kinds of things. spare ribs. red shiny probes. family events.

and gin is nasty.


For me it was Goldschlager. The little gold flakes were so pretty but the cinnamon flavored puke was not.


Ugh! After a long weekend with gin bucket I can't even stomach the idea of gin anymore!

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem

I once drank too much Southern Comfort in my youth and I haven't been able to touch the stuff since. Just the thought of the sweet stuff....ugh.


The thought of gin makes me sick to my stomach. It was the first booze that ever made me vomit and I will always, always hate it.

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