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September 20, 2010


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I so miss being married.

Mama P

Oh my word! I wish my hubby would 'take care of himself" once in awhile!!!


In this house, if one person says they're gonna take care of it themselves, the other one absolutely goes in WITH them, to either watch or help. Very few things are hotter to me. Yowza.


So awesome. My husband still maintains, that he doesn't "take care of himself." Lol, whatever helps you sleep at night, dude.


LOL. My yawns are extremely attractive to my hubby as well. Weirdos. He also thinks it's high-larious to come to me when I'm dozing off.


LMAO in my house if the door is locked to our room i know our cable bill just went up $15 and i don't want to interrupt OR ask how it was... LOL ;)


I think I take care of myself more often than he takes care of himself. Maybe we're equal. But love (and kids) means never having to say you're sorry for not including them. Or something.

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