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September 27, 2010


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Best compliment I got from my partner this week:

Me: [trying on my new red dress] I really think I need a jacket with this. It's so tight that I look like a prostitute.

Him: Yes.

Me: You're not supposed to agree that I look like a prostitute.

Him: But a high-class prostitute. One I couldn't afford.

...And that's why I love him. :)


after running a half marathon this weekend, i realized this is the least sexy my girlfriend have ever felt with our private parts covered in vaseline

Fred Miller

My favorite is #4. We are so obsessed with death that we think we should etch it in stone. But it's really only a single moment in an eternity of moments.


You're a crackup.

These days, James and I talk a good game, but by the end of the day, between getting older, being busy, and having a teenager, we look at each other and say "Wow, we're old" and watch a movie until we fall asleep. (Except when we don't, and it's awesome those days, but most days, we can't work up the energy.)


I drove over 12 hours to get home from work Friday night. I hadn't seen my wife, three daughters, and dog in 4 days. My wife met me at the door (it was 1am) and we started in the kitchen and finished in the bedroom bathroom. Then she said "now you can go kiss the kids and watch the dog, I'll be here when you get back." I realized for the 10tth time, I had the greatest wife on the planet.

Mrs. MidAtlantic

I might be married with a kid... but I still love hotel sex!


good job, champ! :)

I think your answer is this: side sex. works every time.


Hotel sex is just the best, you get to behave like tart and then not have to wake up and face the kids or the breakfast dishes. Think it's the anonymity of it all. I always wonder if the check-in clerk can see the look of expectation written all over my face.

Alexandra the Tsaritsa

I like the part about hotel sex versus hotel sleep. I guess when you have kids a good night's sleep is hard to come by!

Conflicted Mean Girl

So funny! Every single one had me laughing. Makes me realize I should be taking note of the things that make me laugh.


I'm married with a kid...but I'm pretty sure I would sneak in some hotel sex before the hotel sleep!


I occasionally use straws, especially when I have smoothies. Lately I find myself avoiding the pink straws and I'm pretty sure it's because my younger nephew refuses to use pink straws to have his juice...he says they're for girls. O the influence of children.

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