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September 30, 2010


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Oh. My. God. Your husband sounds like mine! O.o I thought I married the only crazy-planning-for-Armageddon man in the world! No one else I know plans like this.

As we don't have children, we have extra masks. If Armageddon comes and your children haven't grown into your mask, you can have one of ours. *nod*


That is funny. We have nothing for just in case. But i have been watching lost (currently on season 3) and sortof feel like i should put together at least a small emergency kit. Probably won't buy gas masks though.


See, I SHOULD be planning!! Was just thinking last night, "Do I have an interior room??" And was horrified, that NO, I do not!! Must run out and get the gas masks!! Thank your hubby well for me!

Fred Miller

I just flat-out enjoyed this. I hope you're promoting the hell out of your blog. You are good.


That's just f'ing funny right there!! I will hope for your sake that it holds off until one of your kids fits into the mask too. If not he's just gonna feel like a real ass in the end there isn't he : ) Well, your revenge will be that he will have to take care of the kids all by himself, and you know they'll be whining cuz you aren't there! Not to mention at some point they aren't going to want to wear the mask all the time, eat JUST beef jerky, etc... and he is going to be wishing his was the mask that wouldn't have fit. So all in all, you may just have won ; )

Truthful Mommy

Bwahahaha! My husband would so do this to me!Well, here's hoping Armageddon holds off until after we are dead! I'm still cracking up about the Armageddon preparations...its like my MIL with her damn Y2K pantry..that has more food than the entire continent of Africa could consume! Have you seen The Road or the book of Eli? If that's how its going to be,I'll pass. Good luck with your mask my friend!


I wouldn't think it was funny. if my man was the one preparing for nuclear holocaust (which, you know, a mask won't save you from anyway), I'd be slightly concerned that he thinks it's funny my mask doesn't fit. maybe you should switch his out for a tiny one. just to see.

this may be why I'm single: I'm insanely...creative. yeah, let's go with creative.

Connie Leong

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Oh dear :)

And I love that your husband is planning for the apocalypse. My best friend calls me insane, but I wouldn't mind a bunker.

Lindsay Ann

I agree with the bunker idea. We'll need it someday.

I'm just as crazy as the husband I suppose. =]

Nike Shox

Though our dream is comfrondted using the actuality, you at all times sense agonizing. Just trample around the ache, or you may be beat down by it.


I can remember the Kennedy era. We took water and food to store at school and practice drilled getting under our desks where we would ride out a nuclear explosion. As if a wooden desk could save your ass from turning to doodle dust when an H Bomb went off.

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