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September 01, 2010


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Jesus H, Kit, I'm already down to my last set of batteries.


Is it bad if my wife told me her first list entry would be "sleep"?


Damn you!
My husband just left town for a week, and NOW you give me this awesome homework?!
Ooh... unless I make phone sex my number one...


Oh I'm going to enjoy homework tonight. Fantastic post!

Surf Momma

Wow Kit, you picked an awesome time for this assignment! I live on the NC coast and we'll be hunkered down at home the next 24 hours or so for Earl!


well a) my boyfriend would probly laugh at this and b) not sure if we're going to have sexytime opportunities before tuesday. :-/

Elly Lou

Out of condoms. And I can't go buy more from Target 'cause of the damn boycott. Summabitch!


This is a great idea. My guy lives in Cali, and I live in Canada, as such we spend a lot of time texting, chatting, video chatting, and talking on the phone. A lot of it is sex based. Thanks to this relationship we have both started to explore a lot of our fantasies and like you suggested, our boundaries have moved as we've uped the ante.
Hopefully many of your coupled readers are able to feel safe and supported enough to enjoy your homework.


I have a part-time lover, whom I won't see until Saturday and the until a week later. SO, I commit to making a list with him next time I see him and we'll start it later.

well, I *start* the list on my own. *eyebrow waggle*


After figuring out what I'd put on my list, let me just say that it probably wasn't a good idea to compile the list while driving. I didn't write and drive or anything, but picturing the list being "completed" was a bit of a distraction while driving. (No accidents or anything, thank goodness.)


I like this idea, but I'm sure anal would totally be on his list. And seriously, it's just too freakin' big to even think about sticking there! I just got ass pucker thinking about it!


YAY this will be REALLY fun to do ... we have a new baby and I'm just finally starting to feel back to normal down there, so we'll both be excited to have some fun again! : )


this was actually rather fun to do--i'm naturally a creative person, so coming up w/ list of creative things i'd like to try if i ever find the right person was an interesting exercise (and also fun!). too bad there's no guy available.... :(


I'm thinking that one of the advantages of getting older and having been together for 26 years is that we've made that list, done everything on it and figured out all the Death By Chocolate things that we really enjoy. Now we just keep perfecting it :)


I made the list and told the lover to make his list. Before he got a chance to look at mine he did about three of the things on there with no hints from me. :D He still hasn't made his list but I finally gave mine to him this morning. I'm looking forward to what happens!

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