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September 30, 2010


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Did any of your kids watch the Playhouse Disney show, "Jojo's Circus??" It isn't on anymore, but my oldest would watch it as a toddler. There was a song called, "The Pretzel Twist." My husband and I would reference this song frequently... Although the "Twist" doesn't happen here nearly as often as it should... every once in awhile, you'll hear one of us mentioning that we would like pretzels for dessert!! :)


Like Water for Chocolate is one of my all-time favorite movies. Great idea! :)

Fred Miller

Like J, we use "pretzel" in the home and at work when we used to be in an office environment. Our old co-workers who come over still use it around us. Doin' "the pretzel."


So my husband is going to think of sex every time I say "Halloween?" With skin or without?

Truthful Mommy

I love this~ I only see my husband on the weekends. I am going to think of a word and we will have to utilize it. It will be kinda sexxy especially when we are out and about.this week we will be @ the MIL for a wedding, now to figure out a good word. Maybe "massage" would be the obvious choice since that's always how it starts. Maybe muscle relaxer? Maybe ibuprofen?LOL


I'd decided based on your title that I'd go with "chocolate", one of my favorite things. And then I remembered about the chocolate chip cookies I'm bringing with me to my night shift this evening, which everyone is bound to keep asking about and thanking me for.

...This could get interesting!


I already did this! I didn't mean to, but it just happened. I was on a date (it didn't start out as a date, just turned into one) last weekend and we turned sports into the greatest sex metaphors ever. it became a competition to discuss everything you possibly could about sports making it sexual. did you know that curling is all about creating a suitably wet surface? mmhmm. you can bet the sexual tension resulted in lots of fun pour moi that night.

Grant Spanier

I'm a single 19 year old. I chose the word "please" and honestly it didn't go so well. I kept using "please" in every sentence, regardless of context, enunciating it oddly and then smiling in my super charming way. And by "charming" I mean awkward and creepy.

Me: Please talk to me
Hot Girl: Um. Okay
Me: Please.
Hot Girl: What is wrong with you?
Me: I'm sorry, please...

At that point I was too aroused to think so I ran away with a hand on my crotch. I think I misunderstood the assignment. Fuck.

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