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September 28, 2010


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Yeah - I would tell that hiring manager if he called, "You snooze, you lose partner. See ya at the next trade show."

I HATE people who don't do what they say they will WHEN they say they will. I had a WHIRLWIND of three interviews in two days with a company and then - nothing. No call by Friday as they said they would - I had to call the HR person myself just to confirm that they passed. AND then I hear this is this large Fortune 100 companies MO.


So now I know never to hire them to work for any company I ever work for...can you imagine if they treat employees that way how customers must feel?


Oh how awesome it is to send secret letters to people. Thank you internet.
Good luck with the jobs, it really seems like you're in the home stretch! Soon? You can tell your current jerky company that you're outta there!


I *love* the whole anonymous blog thing, and now an anonymous "piss off" letter. Brilliant:) Heres wishing you better luck this time around. Sounds like it's already working better for you. G'luck<3

Jess@Straight Talk

Best of luck! Company #2 sounds even Better and they're not afraid to spend a bit of money!


Oh, how I hope you get the job with the competitor. Good luck!


Sounds like they did you a favor in the long run, but I would be fantasizing about sending this letter, if it were me. I'm kinda obsessive (read: bitchy) that way! :P Best of luck to ya!


Wishing you good luck with their competition! I haaaate it when they do that! I would love to tell them "Look, if you aren't going to call, then just say so now, so I don't sit here like some jolted lover waiting on some loser of a guy to call!" Buuuuuuut, like you, I put on the professional face and voice and tell them that " I am looking forward to hearing from them" and that "I am very happy to be considered for the position"! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you! If it is meant to be, it will be!!

D H-Arza

awesome...Good Luck!!!


just like a man. they act all interested and then never call. typical.

good luck!


I hope you get this job!!!!! Lots of job dust!!!


Or,... I had this happen. I went for THREE interviews that were spaced out over a month! Got my hopes all up (but not all the way, cuz how many times have I been down this road now?) The guy even emailed a couple of times.

I didn't get the job, but was told it was very close. (Thanks, but "close" don't pay the bills, honey!)

It wasn't the thing that I didn't get the job in the end--mostly. It was that he took forever to make a decision between me and two other people! The pay was not even like way up there or anything. Although, it had some potential to be a great gig. It's just, really? Pick one already!! If the one you pick doesn't work out, call one of the reamaining two you cut loose and move on.

I would love to write an email like this to the people that jerk you around on interviews with all their procedural questions that make no freakin' sense because they should know by now that most people are just going to tell you what they think you want to hear when you ask them an unbelievably assinine question about crap like, "What's the one quality about yourself that needs to be improved on?" and every interview article tells you to answer with something instead of saying, "I really can't think of anything."

Why? Isn't it just possible I AM pretty damned good at what I do and that you would be a lucky S.O.B. to have me on your team? Instead, I have to dig to find something that sounds slightly negative about myself, but yet, not too negative (so I usually have to make some BS up that you'll find believable enough to think I'm sincere)in order for you to see that I do have fixable flaws that I can improve upon "by working for your company." WTF?!

I think I'm just going to try and invent something the world can't live without and make my million and retire! :)

Good luck to you on your endeavors! Sounds promising, for sure!

Reza Putra

I love it! Success for you!

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