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August 09, 2010


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He's a keeper!


AWW...what an understanding man. ; ) I think it's so great that you guys went at it even though you were sleepy...it's always worth it in the end right?

Oh and I'm a new follower...can I possibly make the freaking awesome people list? It sounds like a pretty damn good list.


What do you do with a man who isn't intimidated by a few batteries and the fact that you're a do-it-yourselfer? You keep him, and reward him later for his understanding.


seriously, where do you find a man like that? Sears? Target? Costco? or is it more of a Nordies purchase? I can't afford Neiman's, but if you tell me to, I'll start saving.


that is when you know you are REALLY tired. loved the bluntness of it....


What a GOOD man! I can only hope there are more out there who are that understanding and open-minded :)


You two are so adorable. I mean you three of course. Can't forget Carmen.


Hubs: "Want to go play games in the bed?" wink.
Me: "OK, but consider it pre-season, you know, no big-time plays, just a chance to get on the field for a few minutes."
Hubs: "Let's go!"

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