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August 27, 2010


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Happy birthday!!!!! WOw. I am so in awe of you! You have accomplished so much in your life already. Have a wonderful wonderful birthday and birthday weekend!


Happy birthday! I, too, have a fear of falling, but not just great heights. Even a second story balcony can trigger it. I did go on the Tower of Terror, though. My son (at the time 5) had said he was going on it and I couldn't let him outdo me. So I went on it. After it was over, the only reason my legs consented to stop being wobbly enough for me to get off was the fact that, if they didn't, I'd be riding it again! (And, now that I've ridden it, I don't have to ride it again.... EVER!!!)


I would just like to point out that you don't need artistic or musical talent to appreciate either of them. That's why you have so many Twitter followers. There has to be a few artists and musicians amongst our ranks. (This will come in handy when you're the most powerful woman in media. I'd start asking about that now.)

And, happy birthday!

Disasters in Domesticity

Happy Birthday! I will Tweet you. However since I'm not very important and only 20 people follow me it may not increase your traffic by much ;-)


I'll be a little late to your birthday Wineparty (because I *am* a knitter, and there's a book signing at my local yarn shop this evening) - but I'll get there!

Jenn Collins @ Monkey Butt Junction

1. Happy Birthday.
2. I share your blog all the time, AS SHOULD EVERYONE ELSE. No need for it to be your birthday for that.
3. When do we get to hear about the pirates? And about Africa? I'm enthralled. Don't leave me hanging.



You can make me dinner anytime? My mouth is watering for some stuffed lobster and steak...

You were chases by rela pirates?
Wow Scary. And you lived to tell about it.


Happy birthday to you!!! I pass your blog on all the time. It's a must read! Hope all of your stresses go away this next year, and it's your best ever! I agree, we need to hear the pirate story!

Michelle @ Mommy Loves Stilettos

Happy Birthday! xo


Happy Birthday Kit! I pass your blog on to anyone and everyone!
If you ever want to barter some massage with advertising here let me know!


Bon Anniversaire!!


Happy Birthday, Kit! 39, eh? Boo on the no chocolate, but u like wine so that balances out. :)

Missy @ Wonder, Friend

Love the list! You've had an amazing life!

Missy @ Wonder, Friend

Oops - fingers got ahead of my brain. Add a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! to that last comment.


Happy Birthday! Sharing to commence immediately. BTW, I read #26 as "my favorite FOLLOWERS are Zinnias" & I was a little hurt. How sad is that?


Happy Birthday Honey! Enjoy your day, hope to see you at #wineparty.



Firstly Happy Birthday!!! And I am totally intrigued with the pirates..

I just recently found your blog, but I will definitely be sharing with everyone!! Because it is Awesome!


Happy Birthday!

Jordan 1

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Happy birthday, babe. Very much looking forward to telling you that in the flesh. You just won't be able to see any of my flesh. Because redheads and beaches don't mix. But hopefully, we will.


Happy birthday, friendo. Hope you've had an enjoyable (and stress-free) day. I miss (dis)gracing your comments section -- looking forward to being able to drop by more often again.


Happy belated birthday! August birthdays RULE!

Nike Shox R4 Flywire

While I can't respond to every one, I LOVE hearing your comments! It's easy--just click the tiny word "comment" at the bottom of the post, register and SPEAK! {thanks!!}

Nike Shox Turmoil

Thanks for remembering a peaceful man who impacted so many of us.
I can call up the shock and sadness I felt on that day 27 years ago and yet I try to remember all the beauty in words, music and art he bought to the world.
give Peace a chance.

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