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August 20, 2010


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I love you.
I love tired you.
I love stressed you.
I love hungry you.
I love "poor" you.
I love all of you.

Good luck for the interview. And inhale that grain alcohol. Wine party needs you.


{{{HUGS}}} I'm sorry about all the stress.

Bush or lack thereof is nobody's business but yours and the hubby's.

Good luck with your interview, and I'll be at #wineparty tonight for immoral support.

D H-Arza

Stress is a vicious cycle...I stress about everything too even things I can't control...I wish you luck on your interview...

Analog Kid

Cosmo is a bunch of lying liars that lie. Full bush reached its term limit can never come back again.


Meh, Cosmo is nothing but glossy bullshit anyway. Bunch of social-climbing women with nothing better to do than polish turds. /snark

I also have to cook multiple meals, due to various food allergies, DH's aversion to vegetables, and a son who only ever eats 3 things. Oh, and stress sucks. I hope things get easier.


Hmmm, Cosmo just ran out of ways to talk about the trimmed bush, so they decided to go wild (in more ways than one) and make women feel like there's one more thing they need to do to "Drive Him WILD" or "Turn Him On!" Sorry about the stresses, and good luck at the interview.

The Vibrator Non-Virgin

I don't care WHAT Cosmo says! After the money spent and the pain endured to Brazilian the lady downstairs, Cosmo can suck it! Not to mention, the boyfriend was EXTREMELY pleased.

So sorry about all the stresses! :( Things will look up soon! Good luck on your interview! :)


Now I know why I love your blog so much, why it's like you're channelling my thoughts. WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY!!!


This my first visit to your blog and I have to say I love it. Your post is hilarious because I can relate to it. The stress, the meals, the stress. I wish there was a real life easy button to take all of our stresses away, but alas, there isn't. Good luck with the interview. I'm trying to get to that stage so you're already heading in the right direction.


I'm a new reader and this entire post had me bent over laughing. I was nodding my head the whole way through. I think Cosmo is confused though. The only place the full bush is coming back is in horror movie porn. I can hope anyway.
What's this wineparty I've heard so much about on twitter?
Good luck on the interview! I look forward to reading about it and your birthday.


Is all this talk of massage a result of my blog??

Cosmo...I decided they were bullshit when they ran an article about how women should get on the kind of birth control that allows only four periods a year. Great, but they advised that our periods are an inconvenience (sp) to our men and anyone else who didn't menstrate, so dry it up! Same issue, they educated women with or without overactive bladder how to train their bladders to hold more pee, as our frequent potty breaks were annoying to our men. Never mind child-bearing, train that bladder! Seriously. I spit on Cosmo. Their sex tips are IDENTICAL every SINGLE month. Every. Single. Year. And now I will get down off this soapbox. Hope you get massage soon.


This may be my favorite post you've ever written. And although I shouldn't get my pleasure from your obvious multi-layered pain, I do because I myself am having some of the forementioned problems and can totally relate. Good luck and remember that when you are at rock bottom, there is no where to go but up! :)


Cosmo is so 70's. Now they have merely proven it by taking their bush back with them.

Good luck with the job interview. Don't be hard on yourself with the clothes, it is all the fault of the store lighting. I don't know how this actually could be true, but please don't prove my theory wrong, I need it to stay sane.


OMG! The hubby had to come over to see if I was OK cause I was laughing so hard! I can totally relate to the stress, and having it read back to me is hilarious! Good to know I'm not alone.

Also, forget Cosmo, it's what you & your hubby prefer. Me? Naked lady downstairs, and hubby likey :)

P.S. - Good luck on the interview!


Great post. Breathe, hon, breathe.

And just to be a dissenting voice, full bush never left around here, and neither of my boyfriends seems to mind, not that they get a vote, it being mine and all.

HO.  (Really, it is.)

I want to know how they know there is a full bush trend. Is there a band of naked bushed women wandering around somewhere that I don't know about?? I can see realizing the unibrow was back or something, but I just don't understand the mass bush awareness.


And good luck on your interview.


Oh B.D. you are a gal that I can totally relate to!! I drag around the same big old bag o' stress and it sucks! And why the hell can't everyone eat the same freakin' thing?!? All my girlfriends and I will agree to eat dirt if we don't have to cook it 3 different ways & then clean up after it too!! The job will be yours if it is meant to be, if not, then screw them, their loss! You can always come hang out with me my porch and we'll drink wine until the stress goes away!


COSMO? They still publish that magazine?

Jess@Straight Talk

So now that Bush is back, you'll save money by not having to get a painful ass Brazilian. Double win.

Good luck with the job thing...I feel your pain.


I called bs on Cosmo years ago when one of their "beauty tips" was that semen makes your teeth white. Not that my husband would argue but come on now...haven't read an issue since! Don't let those fools get you down!

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