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August 06, 2010


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I totally get you on the wanting to stay anonymous thing.

Sometimes I find it hard to balance being anonymous and how much I adore my new friends. I know I share secrets with the people I adore, but then it becomes a case of "well I should also tell this person because I like them too". And before you know it... anonymity is a thing of the past.

No Blogher for you.


re: gay men. english departments. that's where i seem to find them...*sigh* but they make AWESOME friends!

Newest Bloggin Ho'

So I stumbled across your Twitter #wineparty last night, and just HAD to come visit the blog with such an alluring name! After my visit here, I will be sure to stumble back to future wine parties! Here's my ode to your blog (no offense is intended, so I hope none is taken!):

Dear Miss Kit,
Blogger Extraordinaire,
You cheat on your first blog,
But you just don't care!

You're tired of the pretense;
The rules must be broken,
Polite society abandoned,
And nothing left unspoken!

So "Blogging Dangerously,"
Your "other blog" was born,
Where you can just be your witty self,
Unafraid of public scorn.

In the process of participating
In your year-long experiment,
You've inspired many people
To just "get over it!"

We tend to clam up
About any "unmentionable" thing,
But here you're showing us
That to talk is very freeing!

So now I willingly join
This place for "blogging ho's,"
And participate in the blogging brothel
My true self to expose!


BlogHer 2011 is in San Diego.

Yes, they have already released tickets to be sold.

I can tell you that you are not missing much as BlogHer is all about the cool kids looking down (or not looking at all) upon the peons. It is a very elitist group and if you aren't with the in crowd you are not going to really have a good time.

Oh and swag. Last year there was tons of swag. Apparently this year was supposed to be less on the brands, but I haven't heard any reports back yet. I do know there were supposed to be protesters because of one of the sponsors of Blogher is an affiliate of Nestle or something and Nestle supposedly kills babies in 3rd world countries...or some shit like that. Last year some blogger threatened the Crocs rep because she didn't get any shoes in the swag bag.

It's a real interesting time there at BlogHer. And the classes...well if you are already a blogger, you will already know most of it. So the only reason to go to BlogHer is to be with your friends in real life for a couple days. That is about it. LOL



I went to BlogHer this year and didn't find it to be elitist at all. I met a lot of great people, got to have some fun times (including a "decorating session" thanks to Eden Fantasy's the photos from which my wife is refusing to let me publish online ;-) ) and made some contacts with company reps.

I wish Kit did go because I would have loved to have met her in person.

Oh and, Kit, about "That boy can not keep his private parts private. He's only 6!" Last week I opened our car door to let my 6 year old (soon to be 7 year old) out and saw that he had hiked his shorts up, taken "himself" out and was playing with "himself." We had a little chat about how that wasn't a bad thing to do, but a bad place to do it in. He now knows (and hopefully remembers) that he can do that in his bedroom by himself or in the bathroom, but not in a public place. Just wanted to let you know you're not alone with private-part-flashing kids.

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