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July 28, 2010


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D H-Arza

it was one of Flora ex-lovers that she has seen in 10 years.


Seeing him made so many hot memories rush through her mind... she flushed as they made eye contact.

Ashley C.

She dropped her eyes, and as she did so, she wished she had bothered to put on something nicer than her dirty sweatpants and t-shirt with holes in the armpits.

Mrs. MidAtlantic

But at least she'd remembered to wear clean undies that morning.


"Oh! Hi ..." she says still flushed with the hot memories which rushed through her mind.


His intoxicating smile and the huskiness of his voice took her back to better times in the past with him.


and then she remembered that horrible heartbreaking breakup, it seems her mind remembered it, but her body, flush with desire had forgotten


"Well, hello Flora. Have you met my boyfriend, Greg?" He said as they both got out of the car.

Jenn Collins @ Monkey Butt Junction

Flora stifled a gasp as she saw Greg's face - she certainly did know Greg, but the last time she saw him was that steamy, unforgettable night in that Manhattan hotel.


He had been looking for someone to have wild, we'll never see each other again, kind of sex! She was into it, and they spent a fabulous night doing things that she had often replayed in her mind. She also remembered that he was huge and knew how to use it....


As Flora stumbled for a reply, Greg stepped forward "We're getting married!" he practically shouted "and Stephen Hawking is going to preside over the ceremony!"

Rebekah @ mom-in-a-million

Flora blanched. Stephen Hawking had taken out a restraining order on her after their short but torrid affair the summer before.


And then she thought of the best way to get back at her ex for ripping out her heart. She was going to ...


Move on with her life and find her own special guy to settle down with, but not before she had one last crazy, steamy, mind blowing, unforgettable night...the only question was, with who.


Her reverie was shattered by the beeps of the ATM ricocheting around the vestibule -- whoever was in line in front of her had left their card in the machine.


She quickly grabbed the card and looked around for its owner. She saw the tall gentleman with a broad, muscular back and incredibly tight buns walking away from her.


"Excuse me, sir" she purred. "I think this belongs to you." He turned and...

Not Telling

fell flat on his face.


Gently laughing as he got up, he had no idea that there was now a dark, wet stain around his zipper.


Flora forgave him this display of clumsiness, gracefulness never being high up on her list of dating requisites, or at least certainly not as high up as A Big Schlong or A Sedan with Leather Seats.


She decided even a wet stain was better than facing the smug gays alone. So she grabbed this handsome stranger's hand, turned back to Greg, and said, 'This is my husband, Rico.' At this, her faux husband...

Jo and the Novelist

zipped up his flies, and swiftly extended Greg his hand. "Hi boys, I'm Rico," he said - in a voice that was unnervingly high-pitched.


Flora bristled a bit at the sound of "Rico's" voice, but tried to hide it with a plastered smile.

Suddenly, Greg had a revelation.

He knew Rico from somewhere. Was it that bathhouse in San Francisco he used to frequent in his hedonistic younger days? Rico just seemed so very familiar...

Not Telling

The pool boy! That's it! Flora was faux-married to the pool boy.


Greg decided to out Rico right then and there. He told him that he remembered him, knew he was gay, and knew he couldn't possibly be married to our girl, Flora!!! Flora was stunned and then totally 100% pissed off! Who the fuck did this guy think he was trying to embarrass her this way?? He might have been great in bed, but this was something else!!! She decided right then that she would...


prove to those boys it didn't matter which way Rico liked his dessert, he would love what she was dishing up. She pressed her lean, boyish body up behind Rico and began to reach around to take control of this train wreck of a situation. Honestly,she had just come in to deposit her check from her job as...


a museeum curator, which was totally a cover for her real job which was a high class call girl. no one knew that about her though and she was going to use her skills to her advantage. she


just left the three of them standing there. She had a plane to catch, something about Italy....

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