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July 26, 2010


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Its such a shame that you get people like the man who wanted to have Twitter sex. So sad that he have indeed missed the point of your blog.


I agree with man #2. But I take blogging breaks. Gotta keep up with the interweb.

D H-Arza

Being a women, wife and mother...you inspire me like guy #1...it is sad that guy #2 was disrespectful to you and his wife..


Amen. #2 - Ick.


Everyone is commenting on how gross #2 is, and they're right. So I'll focus on something positive. I love how you're so carefree about your intimate relationship with your husband on this blog! I just recently made a HUGE career changing decision in my life and even joked with my husband that he was going to enjoy having sex with his new carefree wife. I think that's important, just enjoying it all, not stressing about it, and reminding each other to take time and have fun together...and obviously guy #1 got that.


oh, Internet, how do you manage to win so hard and fail so awesomely at the same time? Internet, you *are* like a man.


I pity Man #2. I'll admit to my wife and I spending some nights in different rooms on the computer, but there are also plenty of nights spent together. If he feels there are serious relationship problems (which he must feel if he's trolling Twitter for sex) then perhaps he should turn off his computer, go into the next room with his wife and talk to her. It's amazing what a little talking and time spent together can do!

As for Man #1, I must say part of me envies him (morning, noon and night every day? Impressive!) and part of me doesn't (morning, noon and night every day? Doesn't he get sore?). I guess the part of me that doesn't envy him proves that I'm getting older and wiser.... or maybe just older. ;-)


How the heck do you have Twitter sex? You only get a 140 characters!


Ugh I've been writing something on married men who hit on me. And how... despite everything it just makes me SAD! I believe in marriage, call me crazy, but I do. And it destroys my faith to see so many married men who "stray" or attempt to.

One of the many reasons I love @AlexanderDope so much is that he is a devoted husband and truly loves his wife. He earns my respect for that in ways you couldn't imagine.

Hippest Snippets

You've been clipped because you're hip! Ha,that rhymes. We're easily amused. ANYWAYS. A piece of this post has been chosen for our new blog called Hippest Snippets. We're picking the best quotes from blogs everday. So you can see what part we picked at our blog. Or you can ignore us and pretend we didn't say anything.

It's what our moms do to us at family functions.


OK, as a married man, I guess I should chime in. I bet that guy #1 still reads every single post even if he can't read or comment in as timely a manner as he would like. I also bet that "morning, noon and night" was artistic license on Kit's part. Noon is probably logistically impossible anyway, at least until school starts again. And EVERY day was never even in the post and, if it did happen, was probably just for a week and a half or so.

Seriously, though, I imagine that guy #1 wasn't trying to impress anybody -- he was probably just letting Kit know that there is a lot more to her blog than pure entertainment. He would probably say in closing that whatever the issue is, wishing and hoping and grumbling won't change anything -- only talking will. The first word is the hardest, but also the most important; it just needs to be spoken.


It's ok, AlexanderDope, we all know you're guy #1. Impressive stuff... if you pass out from all the exertion , we'll be here to catch you.


I've always been so skeptical towards marriage (even though my parents have been happily married for 25 years). I've also always believed (in my ignorance) that once you have kids your sex life is over. Your blog has made me reconsider these things so maybe one day I'll let a guy go on one knee and propose to me and start a family :-) Thanks!


Todd 'tojosan' Jordan

Oddly enough I've been approached more in EQ/WoW to sext than anywhere else.
Note. Sad. My wife doesn't play those games.
I gave them up for more family time, including sex.

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