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July 09, 2010


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My Friend in college got a really bad case of Poison Ivy and found this great stuff in Salem ma. I can't remember the name of it but he got it from Artemnisa on the Salem Wharf and he still swears by it 10 years later. It might be worth the call if you can't relieve the itch. Oh and thanks for the heads up I'm not allergic to Poison Ivy either but never been near Sumac, I'll stay clear of it Just in case. Hope you feel better.

Jess@Straight Talk

That SUCKS. I would take a total pass on all that business. I handle most inside stuff, his job is to do the yard work. Sadly, I don't even know how to work a lawnmower because my dad never thought I needed to know and I didn't think I did either. But whatev.

Anyway, hope it's almost gone!


Cold water only in the shower.....warm opens your pores. Cold will wash the oil off. Tecnu works best to wash it off:( So sorry:(


That SUCKS! Boo for your itchiness!

Lea Bryan

I grew up romping through the woods like a ferrell child... and NEVER got any kind of poison anything. BUT after this post I will certainly NOT take any unnecessary chances! Thanks for the heads-up!


And that would be why we paved our yard.

The end.


I am totally convinced that I don't get poison ivy. And now I'm afraid that the universe is going to prove me wrong as well.


I hate poison ivy with a passion. HATE IT. Sorry to your itchy parts. At least you didn't have sex in it.


Years ago a former girlfriend and I enjoyed ourselves in a patch of poison oak. She found herself covered in unpleasantness. Nothing happened to me. Which is how I learned that he'll hath no fury like a woman scratched.

She was so angry- was convinced that I had known where we were and used protection solely for me.

Mungee's Ma

I don't do yardwork either. Too darn hot outside. And this just gives me another reason. Hope you're feeling better soon!


I agree, I do a lot but trash ain't part of it. And now, after ready your blog, I have stopped feeling even partially guilty about that.

I haven't had poison ivy, or any other poison fill-in-the-blank, since I lived with my parents in the 'country'. I feel for ya! Make sure you wear latex gloves with the Heisman. Because that would REALLY suck.


I've heard from about 4 personal friends that they had also uttered the damning words "I don't get poison ____" and shortly thereafter found themselves puffy and miserable. Unfortunately, there's only one way to find out whether you do or don't, I guess. Boo.


I agree with Jennifer... Tecnu is the best for washing off with. So sorry you have to deal with that! It is so miserable.


Been there...One word: Predisone. Preferably in one of those tapering dose packs...it works and you feel a billion times better after about 1-2 days. I feel for ya!


I always hear about poison ivy and never really knew what it was. We don't have it here. YAY AUSTRALIA!

And poor you :)


Oh gawd.

A shot of steroids is the ONLY thing that does it for me, if I catch it early. I got a case last year...and didn't know it...and had it EVERYWHERE (yes, there too!), because I washed with body wash, which only SPREADS the dang stuff around your body. I ended up on antibiotics & a steroid taper that time around.

Good luck, I feel for you.

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