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July 01, 2010


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Even tho I READ the post title and KNEW what was possibly coming, I read it anyway. And now? My heart is pumping really, really fast. And I threw up. And everything is getting a little hazy...

Nicci @ Changing the Universe

Ok, ew, ew, ew, ew. I don't kill spiders in my house, that's a rule. Now, thanks to your egg sac story, I will no longer be in a room in which a spider is being killed.

And a pet tarantula? I'd rather die than get a pet tarantula. Sick.


Omg! I almost ralphed reading this. How the eff big is this abomination that a 4''x4'' container WASN'T LARGE ENOUGH?! Also, my ex always wanted a tarantula; I told him, ''Sure! If I also can get a pair of thick-soled combat boots.

D H-Arza

I have arachnophobic especially after seeing the movie...spiders are scary..


The bedrooms in my childhood home had molding about 7 feet up on all the walls(a foot below the ceilings). My mother woke up screaming one night as hundreds of newly-hatched spiders fell onto her face and her bed. She can no longer watch Arachnophobia.


Spider sodomy is illegal in Texas. I'm not saying that's why I moved away but I live in Jersey now and let's just say there are less spiders that walk funny in the Lone Star state now.


We don't have many spiders in our house. The house centipedes tend to get and eat them. Some of these suckers are huge and they can move fast. I have an unspoken truce with them. They can live in our basement undisturbed but if they come upstairs they are fair game. Over the years, we've had less and less run-ins with each other, though when we do I'm the designated centipede assassin (also spiders, ants, flies and other bugs).


omg, my worst nightmare. People freak when they find out we have snakes. Spiders, never!!


I, too, once had a traumatic egg sac experience. It still sends chills up my spine thinking about it 16 years later.

Now, your story reminds me why I will ALWAYS have a dog or a cat. Because no one can convince me that we need other varieties of pets. Dogs and cats trump all so I'll never have to give in to rodents of any sort or reptiles or spiders or fish or birds. Vacuuming up dog hair may be a bitch, but it beats having a poisonous snake loose in the house at 4 a.m. You are a saint.


I had the same experience with the million baby spiders. It was in our college apartment, me, two other girls, on chairs with a broom. Scary!


I'm confused. Is it BECAUSE your neighbor is allergic to peanuts that Rosie climbed all over him or were you going to stab Rosie with the epipen if she exhibited menacing behavior? And did he know that you were going to do this tarantula crawl or were you and your husband just fucking him? Cuz THAT would be the kind of thing that would really make me laugh!


I absolutely fucking hate spiders. I am terrified of them. If I see one before I go to bed I will have nightmares. Nightmares about spiders in my bed. I will end up stripping the bed in my sleep and wake up in the hallway with my husband going "the fuck?". When I was in Jr. High we went on vacation as a family. My dad's friend rented what was supposed to be a very nice cabin. It was a fucking single wide trailer. It was Owahee Dam (and I know I spelled that wrong) in South Dakota. There were spiders EVERYWHERE. If you stood still for a second they would spin webs on you. The trees were white with webs. Our "cabin" was nasty as all Hell and you could lay in bed and hear the spiders in the ceiling. It was horrific and that's when my nightmares about spiders started. I am severely arachnophobic now. Crazy how I still read this post even though it said not to! LOL


I'm only arachno-EW-ICK, so I figured it was safe to read through. The egg sac story makes me glad that I've gotten over my fear of 8-legged beasties enough to trap & evict them instead of squishing!

And for what it's worth, I would never touch Rosie either.


I really, reallllllly wish I had listened to your disclaimer on this post. Because now my skin is crawling.

Between this and Shine's recent off the cuff comment about spiders crawling up from her shower drain (PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME THAT WAS A JOKE AND DOESN'T ACTUALLY HAPPEN, OMG) I'm going to be even more vigilant now (if that's even possible).


I would totally freak if a billion baby spiders were all over the place after I splated one. Hell, I'd do good just to splat one... when my daughter finds one - I make her kill it! I'm all... it's no big deal, it's just a spider, get a shoe, knowing damn well I wasn't going to get near it. That's horrible parenting.

Short tarantula story of my own. My hubby had one before we moved it. Kept it in a fish tank and had never gotten out until IT DID. I came home to find her on the wall - about a foot over my head, so I close the extra bedroom door, stuff some blankets under the door and wait for him to come home to capture. Only she was no where to be found when he came home. A few days later, I was the lucky one who found her right beside the couch when I was reaching down to pick something up under the side table. Something told me... look before you reach and there she was belly up barely twitching her legs... eww, I'm getting goose bumps. She died and we did not get another one.

Jenny @ Life After Yes...

::faints:: There is no way in hell I would let me husband have a Giant Spider as a pet. You are a brave woman. And as for the spider releasing billions of babies... That made my heart pound I probably would have fainted.


You are the bravest woman in the world. This is how things would have went down should Rosie had escaped in my apartment. a) We would have checked into a hotel immediately. b) We would have called a real estate agent from our hotel room to put our apartment on the market. C) We would have simply said good-bye to all of our belongings, lest the Beast follow us to our new home in a box of knick knacks. If no one wanted to buy our home for obvious reasons, we simply would have burned the bitch to the ground. Seriously, I don't know how you did it.


Other pets are fine with me, but no spiders or snakes. Furry or with feathers for me...I stay out of trouble and don't cause heart attacks that way.

San Diego Momma

So check it:

My friend's friend's casual acquaintance brought home a Christmas tree, right? And one night the Christmas tree started trembling violently.

And so the acquaintance tried to figure out what the hell.

And THEN, the tree basically exploded into a fucked-up nest of baby spiders. The tree was a SPIDER NEST.

Holy God, I hate that story.

But I liked your post any way.


I am so arachnophobic I had a little vomit in my throat the entire time I read that.

Kudos to you though, Kit. You've made me laugh, cry, snarf, and want to throw up. If you make me pee my pants next, I'm sending the Depends bill.


This post was terrifyingly awesome.


I don't like spiders at all. I scream, jump up and down and scream some more. With that being said. I was putting on my makeup when out of the corner of my eye I spot a spider. I screamed, jumped, and almost poked my eye with the mascara wand. That damn spider almost caused an eye injury.


Hi! Discovered your blog through your Twitter account after you started following me (thanks for that) and am just sitting here cracking up.

That baby spider story reminded me of a movie I saw in the last 80's about some kind of religion called Santeria, which in my best guess, is a cross between Catholicism and voodoo.

ANYWAY,the ONLY thing I remember about that movie is a scene where a girl is looking in the mirror trying to pop a zit. When she finally does--instead of pus, hundreds of tiny spiders crawl out of it. ICK. I still feel kind of sick just thinking about it.

Thanks again, and I look forward to reading more!


UGGH - reminds me of being trapped in the shower when one of those horrible things showed up and decided to explode her OWN egg sac... ALL OVER ME! I don't think I have ever, ever been the same...

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