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July 27, 2010


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You're kidding? If you were in a wheelchair you have to wait to be rescued? Ridiculous. How did that get past Occ Health & Safety?


I will also take my changes with the elevator.

Michelle @ Mommy Loves Stilettos

I'm on the damn elevator!

Jo and the Novelist

Oh... the designated "safe points" for people in wheelchairs. Yeah. I don't get those. In what way are they safer than *anywhere* else in the building?

I'd probably leap out of the window or wait in the elevator. Either/or.

Account Deleted

That's utter foolishness.


Shut the F up! They are supposed to just sit in there and wait for someone to come and rescue them!!!! Oh hell no!!! If it's me, I'm taking my chances taking care of my own self and trying to get out any way I can!! These are beyond ridiculous! I don't even want to know how much money was spent thinking up, creating, and implementing this idea!!!

D H-Arza

I don't trust people plus hate depending on anyone to help me..I would take my chances on the elevator


We had those places in my college, and no one in ever said they'd sit there and wait. Most of us said that if the elevator wasn't working, we'd be more likely to pick the person up and carry them than we were to just let them sit in a hole in the wall.


Shoot! I never thought of that. I'd be on the elevator so fast...

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