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June 23, 2010


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D H-Arza

ok...here is it is

Let's have an orgy
the solstices got me really horny
everyone can join

Mrs. MidAtlantic

School's out forever
Let's celebrate with hot sex
And gin and tonics


Hot guy at my work
Makes me want to do naughty things
Some afternoon delight


Sitting quietly
Dog rests with me.. Whats that smell?
OMG, dog fart!


Faithful friend, is she. Buzzing like a bumblebee. Brings Kit to her knees.

Queen Momma

Where's the wine and sex?
Brazilian wax? Vibrators?
(Kit's in twitter jail)


O Summer Sextice
warm days, hot nights, fevered lust
must you ever end?

Laura Jane

mommy needs a drink
pomegranate martini
mommy is a lush

must have sex tonight
hubs still feeling rejected
be the wife. conquer


so tired of working
summer sun is calling me--
skirts and bikinis

Symmetric Mom

it is too damn hot
someone kill me now please or
make this kid come out

Ellie Di

Everything I write
Here is way too serious.
Please send wine and beer.

Seriously, no
Sense of humour for today.
I need alcohol.

Oh wait! I got it:
"Two-thirds of a bad haiku
is better than none."


what the hell is up
with this stupid summer cold
no fun at all, ugh

i want to swim and
hike, not lie in bed coughing
like it is winter!

(if you can't tell i'm sick, and it's making me MISERABLE. it should be illegal to be sick when it's so nice out...)


Bathing suit at pool
public humiliation
awaits tomorrow

Secrets Kept

Midnight on golf course
On green, playing reverse golf
Keep balls out of hole


Started with sexstice
Pledge more sex all summer long
And blow jobs for all


ah yes...I knew you loved our haikus at wine party!
eddie's first birthday
can't believe it's been a year
what will happen next?


literate women
igniting passion with words
burn then douse the mind


Thank God for bedtime
I hope tomorrow Pierce is
In a better mood

R.C. Murphy

Forgot my birth control
Last night got really crazy
Pray for PMS

Alone yet again
Where have the batteries gone?
Out already, shit


Cold wet beer
Going down smoothly
Could use a BJ

Boobies are awesome
I really love the boobies
Please show me more

I think I did this right, if I didn't please feel free to laugh at me. Repeatedly. While pointing.


another missed shot
Baby, lets try it again
close your eyes and wish


Sometimes I just can't.
It's not that the feeling's gone...
please tell me it's fine.

Happy family
overshadowed by the guilt
When will you be home?

Time slipping away
Am I missing out on life?
I need your help, dear.

Jenn Collins

Tall upstairs neighbor
dates a very squat midget
We could market this

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