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June 07, 2010


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I have a slightly similar bad wingman story... but it is completely not sex related. And therefore, probably inappropriate for your blog, honey :)


That must have been one massive tree! My nympho roommate also had observers, but she preferred them to watch from the comfort of her bedroom. That way they could take a turn if they felt so inclined. In hindsight, I should have sold tickets or charged admission or something.

D H-Arza

I had a so called friend in college and we use to go to the frats every Thursday. My friend would get pissed when I hook up with a guy and she did not that she would leave me that....$itch...I stop going with her..

Tiffany @ MomNom

I've played wingman to my best friend too many times to count - and yes, she has returned the favor. I do recall one night in college climbing out a back window...but I'm pretty sure that was to avoid her boyfriend. #oops.


LMAO. You'd think being a wingman you'd stick together. But I guess when a whole football team has seen you getting it on, you get a bit embarrassed.

Miss Tricky

I thought college was supposed to be good for you? Nice to learn that all I missed was having a football team know what my "o" face looks like.

Though, now that I think about it, the saddest part of that story may be that her o face never even made an appearance. Or is drunken,clumsy sex with college boys better when you actually attend the school?

Wicked Shawn

My best friend/wingman and I were very good to one another. We would trade up who got the hotter guy when we were prowling. It was an efficient system. Right up until we spent about a month and a half hanging out with some other people and not getting to talk much. She started seeing someone, she thought it was exclusive. He thought differently. She should have told me who it was she was seeing, before.......

R.C. Murphy

I am the world's worst wingman. My male friends are happier than hell that I am bi and will take the less attractive friend aside to entertain her while they smooth talk her smokin hot friend...

Only then later when I have the friend laughing the hot friend wonders what is going on. (And lets face it, my male friends are all socially awkward geeks. They try, but poor darlings have a hard time sealing the deal.)

The last few times I've played wingman, I got the girl. Wonder why the guys haven't called to go to the bar lately? LOL


I didn't care for any of them guys at my college but I had an equally nutty ass roommate who apparently idolized me. She cut her hair when I cut mine and then she slept with all of my male friends and tried to bang my brother. Not kidding.


I wish I heard more stories like this before I went to college. Not that I was caught having sex. Oh no. I was caught after fooling around with a lacrosse player who passed out on top of me. That wasn't humiliating at all, either.

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