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June 01, 2010


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Van Kapeghian

Goddammit is what you say when your mom makes you take a water balloon to the testicles.

D H-Arza

Thanks for making my day...your list is too funny..


I never had a big brother to teach me to cuss. I learned it from my Mom.


4) Yesterday we let our 3 year old (JSL) go without pants (just a pull up) after a diaper blowout. He wanted shorts on so my wife offered to remove her pants to show solidarity with him. (I'll note I was all for that plan.)

We settled on our 6 year old (NHL) removing his shorts also. Then they both decided to take off their socks and shirts also. JSL had trouble with his shirt and wound up going into his room. He emerged with his shirt off and was so proud of this achievement that he began waving it around. And when I say waving it around, I mean twirling it in the air like a stereotypical stripper. B and I couldn't stop laughing which, of course, only encouraged him.

6) Something didn't go NHL's way over the weekend so he said "oh darn it." I quickly looked at my wife and she said that her mother had said it in his presence. I think we need to have a talk with her.

Then again, I introduced my son to a cartoon called "Ben 10" (via Netflix DVDs) and he's now going around slapping his wrist and "turning into aliens." he even did it while walking into school this morning. We might be hearing from his teacher later. So maybe I'll field the alien transformations and leave the swearing to my wife.

8) Back when NHL was in daycare, while my wife was pregnant with JSL, we were in a maternity shop. While B was paying, NHL began singing really loudly. This would have been cute except he sang: "I have hips and I have boobs." Might I add there was a hands-on-swaying-hips dance that accompanied this song?

9) JSL beats up his older brother on a regular basis. I've got to hand it to NHL, he doesn't often fight back. Of course, it's probably less him not wanting to hurt his younger brother and more him knowing that telling on JSL instead means that only JSL gets in trouble while if he fights back they both get in trouble.


6) Last week I was working from home and heard my husband downstairs scolding someone. Suddenly, my 3yo appeared at the door to my office. "Mommy?" she asked, "What does Goddammit mean?"

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I LOVE this so much because last night my 3 year old left the garage door open so I said "honey shut the door before the dogs get out" (said in a kind of rushed tone and she goes "OH DAMMIT"

My MIL was over here and she just looked at me as I was laughing. I know exactly where it came from because I use that word all the time.


I am sorry to admit that the water balloon to the testicles made me laugh the most.


Ah yes, nudity is funny.


I've gotta start keeping a list. You are an inspiration!

Holly B

Ewww I hate it when the dh catches me rolling my eyes at him. Just to be an ass, he will start ALL OVER and elaborate on details. It's just a good thing he hasnt learned to read minds yet.. ha ha ha


Your grandmother story reminded me of my grandmother story: My nana was babysitting me while my parents were out of town for the week. I dropped the f-bomb in front of her. I apologized profusely, blamed it on "other kids on my bus" (I was no dummy), and I promptly forgot about it. Well, my teary-eyed mom grounded me a week later after my nana called to let her know what an awful job she was doing raising me.
TRAITOR! Grandmothers were ALWAYS supposed to take our side.
(I'm pretty sure that this comment has nothing to do with anything. Sorry, it's that kinda day)

Jenny @Home is Where...

love your posts, you make me laugh out loud..even sitting in starbuck's and then everybody looks at me..

dh got a Harvard shirt when we were on vacation, he can't get anybody to believe he DIDN'T attend...he denies and they all think he is being coy. I get a good laugh out of it.

I got a Harvard bookstore shirt(and wear it to bed)..and I laugh everytime I look in the mirror, because on a homeschool message board I freguent, books means boobs.
I'm a nerdy dork, but I get my kicks...

Law Momma

LOL I have fbook friends I keep around just as a reminder, too. Your list made me pee a little... which I will add to my list of funnies for the week. :)


This was hilarious! hahaha Water Balloon fights never get old... Agree with you on the fire. If you're not from around my neighborhood, you may as well be foreign. hahaha

Jennifer @ three pugs & a baby

Aw. These are sweet and funny all at once.


The profanity one is hilarious. I don't have kids, but my cousins that do are rapidly learning that if their kids spend any time at all around me, they're going to learn quite a few new words. Can't wait for when they learn how to read my t-shirt collection. I may be banned from all family gatherings at that point. (Not that I'd object to that!)


I went to a party at Harvard once. . . I am so revising my resume. But "What does Goddamnit mean?" is my favorite.I love your list idea.


This is a great post idea. Since I work in an office environment, I have many of these moments on a daily basis. Dilbert moments.


Stupid fires in Canada. OK, Canada, we get it. You're on fire. La-di-freaking-dah.

All I know is the haze from the fire that rolled into Boston on Monday completely ruined the walk my date and I took along the Charles River at sunset. And by completely ruined, I mean that we still made out, but with no help from Canada.

P.S. It's too soon to write about my date on my blog, so I'm writing about it on other people's. Because she'll never see this. Probably. Unless she's web stalking me like I'm stalking her. Huh. I really should think through my plans before I hatch them.


You are hilarious. Thank you for starting my day off with a laugh. I so needed that.

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