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June 21, 2010


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D H-Arza

I like your attitude...



Love it!


Sounds like it was a lot of fun, at least for you if not the hubby (and is calves)

Nicole Montgomery

Gotta admit. I am jealous. ;-]


Bravo to you! I also like random-household-furnishings-sex. Ie...kitchen counter, dining room chair, back of the couch...etc! Its exciting cuz there's the naughty factor, plus the "what-if-we-get-caught" factor. I'm sure ur husband was thrilled also.


Whew! Close call! My husband would never take the chance of being caught by the kids...or at least, not unless I got him a little drunk. In which case he'd be so loud he'd be guaranteed to wake the children.


I wish I had that attitude. I need it.


ha .. Father's Day and kitchen Christening go together well here too :)


Now that's what a call a fantastic way to clean the kitchen counter! Well done ;)


I like how you think. This makes me wish I had an island.


sadly my lover had plans this weekend...we'll celebrate the sextice a week late ;-)

reality chick

Can barely fit the pots and pans in my tiny ass kitchen, much less a nooky island. JEALOUS!
And, um, maybe Sextice is a US thing? You'll have to enlighten those of us from Down Under :)

Secrets Kept

Me and my man are spreading the sexstice out until the next one. One day is not enough. You inspire me


A handy hint I picked up along the way... Clorox wipes are DEFINITELY your friend for disinfecting islands. (So I looked. And commented. And Twitter still hates me. Hope I don't get kicked off the lists!)


Did this with my ex, let the old lady neighbor watch as he kissed my sweet spot. Good times.


Hear! Hear! It's always worth it to celebrate in the kitchen


I need to salute the power of Summer Sexstice! The last few days have been mind blowing -- life-altering, even -- including today's not-apocryphal-after-all morning workout. Mrs. D doesn't read your blog, so I don't know if it's coincidence, old Druid magic, or me channeling the power of your blog, but holy mother of Christ!

I LITERALLY can not thank you enough. And if you find that I'm not commenting as often as usual, then please understand that I have a very good reason.


I so need an island. We enjoy the basement stairs, however, because we can hear the door open but they can't see us until we've had a few seconds to pull ourselves together.

A Vapid Blonde

I just read Overheard and now this...How on earth could he think you are a man hater...WTF?

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