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June 14, 2010


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Привет, Кит. Русские здесь!


Ок :) Не русские, а советские?


I love college stories, they really tell you how invincible and naive we all thought we were at one point.

D H-Arza

I love college stories too...freshman year.. Alcoholic probation, being smashed when my parent picking me up after they waited 3 hours for me...the memories


You crack me up! I love that your mom was in total denial over your HS First.. my Mom did the same thing. "He wouldn't do that" :dies:


Sounds vaugely like my senior trip, except in that case i was giving a blow job to my best guy freind behind the Smithzonian, not realizing that just because we coulnd't see in the windows didn't mean that those inside couldn't see out!


My most memorable spring break trip involved coming within a hair's width of getting arrested in Baja California. We were only saved by the fact that our friend who was taking his turn at the wheel spoke fluent Spanish and was able to sweet talk the Federales.

One of the few times in my life I was happy to avoid the possibility of CRAZY, LOUD, DRUNK, NO ONE CAN HEAR US SEX.


yeah i never had any crazy spring break flings :-(

doesn't mean i haven't done crazy things or lied to my parents...like yesterday, i was at my new guy's house, which my parents did not and do not know. my mom calls me...me:"i'm at home" mom:"oh, is everything okay there? [they'd been away all weekend]" me:"um, yeahhhh i'm pretty sure it is"

heh. heh. in the meantime the guy and his friends are all silently laughing at me and threatening to expose me. it was fun :-) it just sucks tho cuz i keep wanting to say things about what i did with him to the parents, but i CAN'T. here's hoping i don't slip up...


I was a pro at lying to my mom, she would have had a stroke if I went with "honesty is the best policy"
When I was 19, my mom asked if I was sleeping with my boyfriend(who is now my hubby) I looked her straight in the eyes and lied and lied. Of course not, mom!
When I had to tell my mom I was pregnant at 20, she asked how it happend. My response, I have no idea mom.

BTW- my hubby loves you due to your Ayn Rand reference!


I'm just confused about one thing...

Not the Russians or the kick starting of the car or even the mistaking a residental area for a deserted office park... I think we've all been there.

The confusing part is: After your freshman year in college, I think it's safe to assume you were at last 18 years old. You were in college, albiet home for the summer... and grounded? You... stayed in because your mom said so? *blink* *blink*

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