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June 22, 2010


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D H-Arza

I don't think you are Man-Hater either..oh well, at least you have Carmen Electrica...


Hey now. We aren't man haters! We just like to giggle when they do something stupid. *grin*

Elizabeth Flora Ross

LOL! Totally opposite dynamic in my house. It's a sad state of affairs. I used to have a sex drive. Apparently, the doctors removed it when they took the infant out of my body in the operating room!

Becky @TheRealBecks

LOL this is awesome.

They are MOSTLY assholes. I'll agree.


::dies:: best conversation EVER.


bwahaha .. Great Convo!


No goofing around today: it's time for a very special episode of Comments by Alexander...

This is a rare topic where I think I can lend some actual insight, instead of just a cheap laugh. You are anything but a man-hater! I've never picked up that vibe at all from either you are your readers. You all have made this a fun place for me to hang out.

In fact, I was very reluctant to even comment initially because I didn't want to make things uncomfortable for your core audience. So if there was even a hint of anti-male sentiment or even just a meant-only-for-women atmosphere then I would have found another venue for my nonsense.

So I thank you and your readers for making me feel welcome and playing nicely with me.

P.S. I've met some of my favorite tweeps through you and your blog (including you, of course!)


LMAO! Sounds like conversations I've had w' my man...except for the blog thing. He doesn't read my blog...maybe because it has "smut" in the title.


We love men... we love them a lot. Tell your husband we love men so much we could even eat a whole one :)


Tell him that it says IN THE BIBLE that a man shouldn't refuse his wife. So, he should totally give it up!


Dear men,

I love you so much that you are indeed the superstars of my blog!


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