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June 30, 2010


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Is that what they mean when they say men are thinking with their penises? That's a pretty smart penis!


When I read your blog I am never surprised you have such lovely kids. Because you have such an amazing sex life for a married couple. Most people with more than one child institute a "don't even think about it" rule.

So, with a husband turned on by the mere sight of you and places to be I'm thinking junk punches aren't a bad idea :P

D H-Arza

Your husband is smart...Plus, I do admire your relationship with your husband.


You are two very lucky people! Embrace it!


Speaking for the men, I have to agree with SLY -- do embrace it. But, for the love of God, don't punch it! In fact, don't even talk about punching it. I'm experiencing sympathetic pain similar to what a lot of you feel when Kit gets all geo-political and talks about the Brazilian deforestation of the Amazon basin.

To paraphrase: "One man's junk is that man's treasure." So please, no closed fist punching. Closed fist stroking always welcome, though.


So no morning lovin for the mister?


Can I just say that I think that is the most awesome thing I ever read? And also that I'm jealous? I think you should treasure the junk.


I was thinking the same thing Karen! That hasn't happened to my fiance and I in probably 5 years!

reality chick

This is fab as usual. I am inspired by anyone who has an awesome sex life post-kids, all too often you hear the complaints of those who don't (they could complain less and do it more, I suppose).
No rugrats yet, but if when the kids come along me and future hubby still manage the wild thing half as much as you guys seem to then I will be a happy chick! X


Men never change!


I remember when I had a sex life...glad I can read about someone that has a great one! Get your man!

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