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June 04, 2010


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Secret Mommy

Truer words were never spoken. "Full-release" mammograms? Yep.


And there would certainly be a"happy ending" mammogram option


I agree. If men had to have a mammogram equivalent there would be no such thing as squishing the most sensitive parts of their body between giant heavy plates.

My friend fainted at her last one. Mammograms are hideous.


The mammogram machine most definitely was invented by some ass-clown man. I can't think of one piece of medical technology that would stretch and pull and smash a penis!


I died a little reading this.



There are actually smelling salts taped all over the place in hospitals and doctor's offices. I always wondered why there were suppositories taped to everything.


I remember reading in the 1980's (high school) that Sweden had cup-shaped mammography machines. I assumed that by the time I was needing one we would have those too. What.The.Hell?

I need to get a baseline one as I finally weaned my daughter. Don't wanna. Maybe I get my passport first and finally take a trip back to the Swedish Motherland?

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