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June 23, 2010


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D H-Arza

Genetics goes a long way...very funny and cute...like father like sons...


Not on topic, but I had to send you this, it is the perfect product for you: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/06/24/the-stupidest-womens-prod_n_623150.html. Talk about pleasurable shaving. Maybe you will not have to get another Brazilian wax after getting this Electric Razor And Vibrator Combo :)

Margaret Crymes

For some reason, this reminded me of back when I was nannying and my 5 year old boy sat in the bathtub screaming, "MARRRG-EE! MAAAAARRRRRG-EE!" until I ran downstairs to see what was the matter.

When I opened to door, he pointed to his privates, giggled diabolically and proclaimed, "I hid it!"

When my boyfriend (at the time) stretched his testicles out and hid *his* penis within a few weeks of that incident, I realized that at some point, all men must realize they can hide their penis with their balls.


NHL loves to sit on the couch and play with himself. We usually gently tell him to stop. (We don't want to teach him that touching himself is wrong... just that it's not something you do in public.) My wife is convinced that he's learned it from someone but I don't know who. He couldn't have learned it from her and our three year old can't play with himself through his pull-up. Who does that leave? *whistles innocently*


LOL! Children are most of the time like their parents :)


So so cute :)

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