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June 03, 2010


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Ice has always been my number one party trick :)


My stbx was always a fan of Halls mentholyptus blowjobs. When he moved out I stuck his whole stash of cough drops in one of his boxes when he wasn't looking.

D H-Arza

I am never doing Brazilian wax because the no sex until the bush is back for one...sound like it hurts for days two...Thanks for the "fire" sex tip..I will try it..


I can't stand Altoids, they're too strong for me...oh well. might try ice sometime though ;-)

Holly B

As soon as I read the title, I thought... ALTOIDS! aww yes my dh likes them too.

For your umm freshly landscaped Lady Garden try Aloe Lotion. I always keep some of the Panama Jack Aloe in the fridge. The cold makes it feel better........ just DO NOT use it in the back crack area, and use sparingly. Corn starch baby powder soothes too.


The disclaimer about menthol made me laugh. When the hubs and I were first dating, I purchased some sort of flavored minty sex cream (to put it scientifically) at a toy party. We got a little enthuastic while drinking one night and I busted it out. I put a little on him, he said it didn't do anything. I put a little more on. Still nothing. Sick of his bitching, I put roughly about half the jar on. Queue the screaming. I will never forget hearing the anguished cries of "you burnt my dick!!" as he was in the shower frantically trying to scrub the stuff off. He wasn't lying though; the mental image of his sunburned-looking penis STILL makes me laugh, four years later.


Hmmm... Thanks for clarifying the Altoids tweet before I used them wrong!! :)


I, too, have never been a fan of Altoids. I will be purchasing some for my next romantic encounter.


I can see millions of husbands and boyfriends bowing in your way to thank you.

Miss Tricky

Ahhhhhhhh blowjobs! Maybe I should bring those back...although I feel they are best used sparingly. ;)


I can't stand altoids--too strong. But I do like the ice idea :D Veerrry nice!


I might like ice. Pretty sure last night we used pink insulation. Didn't really like that.


You know that I love your blog and that I never miss a post, but I hope you can take a little constructive criticism. If you want to give REALLY useful advice, you need to offer pointers to the geeks, nerds and dorks so that they can find someone to try these techniques with.

As you can tell from my debonair repartee, I'm completely rehabilitated now. But speaking as a recovering dork, it's always one day (actually 23.92 hours) at a time. And, fine, I'm a nerd too. Anyway, I've known about that Altoids thing forever, and you have no idea how many hours of yoga it took to be able to try it for the first time.

Thank you for helping less fortunate (and I would say say it in Klingon, but Mrs. D's 12 step dork-rehab program has been so effective that I can't remember how.)

Jenny, Home is Where

I'm a nice, conservative girl...but I'm popular with my husband, because I found this mug of hot water and a mug of ice water trick. 'nuff said, but I'll tell you, I can ask for just about anything I want and get it...


For those that don't like Altoids, try Orajel instead. Works about the same way, but you don't have to deal with Altoids if you can't stand them.


i mean seriously, just WHAT went so wrong with this wax? i get a bald eagle brazillion every 5 weeks. i dont even remember my first one hurting past the first hour...

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