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June 18, 2010


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I love that you take the time to read and share your best comments with us! That is all.


Digging the summer sextice post. Couldn't agree more that a healthy sexual appetite can benefit both partners. It also brings partners closer to one another. In my circumstance, I lose track of the number of nights a week we have sex and can't remember the last time we didn't. I'm definitely the happiest I've ever been in a relationship and wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING! But I gotta say, a sex advocate that doesn't do oral???? Lame! Oral is a two way street that can open new possibilities in the sex department. Keep blogging dangerously!


The Sextice just happens to coincide with my "want-to" time of the month! I think we'll all be happy that day! I'll be walking funny Monday, for sure.

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A friendship founded on bussiness is better than business founded on friendship. Do you understand?

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