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May 27, 2010


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Oh man... all those crazy door-knockers I never locked in my closet. Missed opportunities, I tell you :(

D H-Arza

Thank you for a good laugh...poor guy...that teaches him not to dress like a leprechaun on St. Patricks day..


This is the best use of a mormon missionary I have ever seen!

Van Kapeghian

you have to bludgeon leprechauns with sticks to get their gold.

my birthday is st. patrick's day - true story


So I just heard this same story the other night at a dinner party... Variation in that was told a friend of a friend was the mother, that it was her adult son (special needs) who lives with her, and he had captured a "little" Census worker. He kept calling her at work (and then her office main number) about the "Leprechaun" he had trapped in the closet. She found the guy in the closet when she got home.

Hmmm.... It is a good story, but now I wonder if this is all just an urban legend....


THAT is too delicious. I can't wait to tell my mormon friends. And my leprechaun friends. Wait, what?


Ohh Kit! That is just way too hilarious!

Jennifer @ three pugs & a baby

OMG. Craziest thing! I used to work with someone whose mother's friend had a developmently delayed adult son, and HE caught an elf, and called his mom to ask if he could keep it and yada yada yada REALLY short census worker in the closet, who didn't have a cell phone but is now board with having one, and had a pretty good sense of humor about the whole thing.



I once played the game Taboo with my friends and I had to describe Leprechaun. I was all, "he's the scary man hiding under your stairs, Jennifer Aniston was in this movie..." No one guessed and I could have just said you know that idiot on the front of the box of Lucky Charms. Damn Leprechauns.

My friends still make fun of me. Next time I'm going to say, "when a missionary comes dressed up like one you hide him in a closet!" Lol.

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