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May 31, 2010


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I very nearly sprayed half-chewed breakfast on my Macbook!

Nicely done.




Husband and I make jokes like this all the time. We're torn between cleaning up our mouths after we spawn or just mortifying them because, I mean, without cock jokes, they won't ever exist, right?


lmao. A couple weeks ago we were at Target looking around and we were talking about planting a bunch of dildos in the yard to scare the kids away. The mother's would steal them and be happy. Of course this was as we walked through the toy section.


Reminds me of a sex toy party I did earlier this month. The hostess arranged for her husband to keep their 2 kids upstairs. All went well until I got about halfway through my product demonstration. As I was standing in the middle of her living room, wildly waving around a glittery purple Rabit Habbit and enthusiastically showing off its different functions, suddenly I heard one lady blurt out, "Oh, hello there, honey! What do you need?" I turned around to see the 5 year-old daughter looking right at me from halfway down the stairs. The hostess promptly jumped up and escorted her back to bed, muttering something about how she couldn't believe her daddy had let her escape.


haha That's great! I can't count the times that our kids have walked in a on a conversation they should no hear. It's especially bad when my husband's friends are over and they aren't used to little kids.


Oh, dear. I misspelled Rabbit Habit in my previous comment. That's really pathetic. I'm away to go punish myself now.


Hahahahahah!! OMG! This is why I have these kind of conversations in whispers! My son has the BIGGEST ears in the world (not literally) and he is so sneaky!!


We are constantly asked by special ed people we deal with if our son has any hearing issues, as they can be common with Down syndrome. Yeah, uh, no. He hears quite clearly very quiet noises that we wish he wouldn't notice. Ahem.

Jo and the Novelist

Is it frowned upon to have Baileys on cereal? We just ran out of milk.


K. First of all Bailey's on ice is my fave! Second, my husband can take anything I say and sexual innuendo-it. He's the all time champ at that game! By the way, I too nearly spewed my drink on that one!


This just made my day...

Canadian who had to work today!!


Thank goodness he's 3. Probably hasn't learned 'cock' yet. A few more years and he'd say, 'Eeeew. You guys are so gross.'

I hope I one day have a husband who can both make cock jokes/sexual innuendos with me and know how to say sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. You're so lucky.


You learn something new every day.

Now we can all drink frozen drinks in bars and have the perfect pick up lines.


I am very tempted to ask if you are married to my husband...sounds like some bullhockey he would try to pull on me! LMBO


Sounds like our hubbys would get along.


Today I had sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia from my frappochino and I thought of you hahahahaha

Sounds like you have a great husband!


Stupid fires in Canada. OK, Canada, we get it. You're on fire. La-di-freaking-dah.

All I know is the haze from the fire that rolled into Boston on Monday completely ruined the walk my date and I took along the Charles River at sunset. And by completely ruined, I mean that we still made out, but with no help from Canada.

P.S. It's too soon to write about my date on my blog, so I'm writing about it on other people's. Because she'll never see this. Probably. Unless she's web stalking me like I'm stalking her. Huh. I really should think through my plans before I hatch them.


You are my hero. That is all.

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