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May 18, 2010


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Oh, lordy, you had me at #2. Mark's a contractor, and has installed/had delivered to our home any number of Siemen's "Ultimate Load Centers."

EVERY time, I snicker and giggle and say "Siemen's Ultimate LOAD Center" about forty times. Because I may also be immature.

Excellent List!

Megan (Best of Fates)

Love them all - so hilarious! And through my mom's work she interacts with Siemen's all the time, and I have multiple bags w/their name and logo on it, and yes, it never stops being funny.

Jennifer @ three pugs & a baby

Number 9 is exactly why I am in charge of all things child-rearing. Exactly.

I love the moth story.

Momma Drama

Love #8 - so cute. DUH - mom it's OBVIOUSLY a bird because of the feathers. At least your 3 year old could figure it out, mine would probably just say it was feathers :)


Those are priceless. ;) I will have to remember "Do you smell Chinese Food" the next time we are all in the car together. The 16 yo will love it!


Glad to hear you and "Carmen Electra" have reconciled.

FINALLY....I had a hell of a time getting here and to the comments. I have no idea what I did to get here.

I NOW temp allow Google-Analytics because bloggers use it as a measuring stick. I won't allow GA globally as I seem to get more spam if I do.


I used to work at a place that did steel framing. If you don't know, the technical term for putting up a building is to "erect" it. I had to work day in and day out hearing about steel erections and how tall they were going to be and how hard it would be to get it erect. I worked with all guys and no one else ever seemed to find it amusing. I only lasted 2 months at that job.

Anthony C

I took a Networking class and the teacher kept saying "IP Everywhere"

I laughed every time he said it. At one point I was laughing so hard I was asked to leave the room and compose myself. I took 2 minutes, calmed down and was heading back in. I was just about to open the door and he said it again. I busted out laughing, turned around and went home for the day.

Christie {Honoring Health}

I've had those same headaches myself. They completely ruin the mood.

Deanna E. Hernandez-Arza

Your top 10 is very funny plus, I am a big book snob... My memo the book was better


Maybe I should start tweeting about vibrators, because I definitely could use some lesbian followers. Or, in general, more lesbians in my life. Or just one really good lesbian. I'd settle for a fair-to-middling lesbian. OK, really, any ol' lesbian will do.

K-Dawgs Korner

All were funny but loved the first one about the automated voice response - usually they just piss me off, but this story will make me view them in a new light. LOL Or at least laugh to myself every time I encounter one from now on.


Number 8 was the best. Your 3 year old thinking Duh Mom, it was a bird! LOL


I want a Butterscotch lollipop for every Friday karate class that I have to go to. That should make it interesting.


Percoset rules, but as a sex drug? I am dubious, and curious.


I, too, must acknowledge the sexual superiority of See's Candy's Butterscotch Pops - the box of them that my (then)fiance(now husband) got me for Christmas in 2006 was all that kept me a virgin until we got married three months later! *wink*

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