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May 28, 2010


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The yellow chair being so dirty as a sign that multiple couples had done it on the chair brought back a memory from college.

I had joined a club whose job it was to take money from the college and throw parties involving beer. Nice work, huh? Now I wasn't your average club member. I didn't drink and wasn't a big party person. But I was trying to force myself to be more social. (See my Bullies series on my blog if you want to know why.)

Anyway, a couple of my friends (one guy, one girl) and I (all freshmen) were sitting on the couch in the club office while everyone was talking. They saw that we noticed the cushions were held up with trays from the cafeteria and made some comment about how much action that couch has seen. My friends and I looked at each other and I think we all considered moving seats.

Later on I would learn the rule about eating lunch on the club table. If the table was dirty, go ahead and eat lunch on it. If it was clean, though, it meant that "something" had happened on the table and you might want to not have lunch there for a few days.

And no, I never had occasion to use either the couch or table.


Love the 6 word stories.


I've made it into Dangerous Letters two or three times now. I'm basically living to impress Kit.


Speaking of Jehovah's Witnesses, you should try answering the door buck ass naked. SweetPea only had to do that one time and we got out of doorknocking for an entire year!


Brazilian waxes are the shit. To me it didn't really hurt, just uncomfortable. Then again, this is coming from a chick who got her nipples pierced... But I loved the bush whacking experience! I bothered me to do the "landing strip" when they took everything else. And it does get easier, but I don't think I'd want to spend time with the lady in charge of bushwhacking outside of that room.


There is no way in hell that I'm funnier than you. The smart-ass remark is the lowest form of comedy. Except for hosting the Tonight Show, I guess. Crafting a full page of gut-busting narrative 5 or more times a week is a true feat.

Besides, I could not survive if I were banned. Aside from the hysterical posts and top-shelf commenters, I'd miss the thrill of opening your blog to see if I've made the Friday cut. It's as exciting as checking the list to see if I made the JV soccer team in 10th grade. I can honestly say that making the Friday post three times in a row is much more satisfying that making that team. So the fucker who cut me can suck it (not that it bothers me almost 30 years later.)


Please don't ruin vibrators by mentioning them in the same paragraph as Sarah Palin. I'm a visual person, and right now I have really bad visuals.


SWEET! I just now noticed my comment mention on this post. Thanks! And I promise that is what would happen. Ask my hubs. He once had two holes in the side of his head from the plug on my CHI iron. He won't soon be talking to me in that fashion, guaranteed. He still loves me though. I think...

BTW he watched as I commented. Kinky.


When I was 18-25'ish I had a group of friends, most of them were guys. They lived in this nasty trailer house as guys will do. There was a chair there just like the yellow one you describe. It bucked off more damn people! It was puke green. I once got shit faced and passed out curled in to a ball BEHIND said chair. No clue how or why I got there but that was definitely the highlight of my party girl career. Also, no one got bucked off the chair that night because I was behind it. Just doing my part cuz I'm awesome that way.

Also, I would kill to see your Google Analytics, you should post them some day.

Domesticated Gal

So I'm quite thankful for your wrap-up, since I can just comment once here rather than on every post you've ever written (this week)...a bit behind on my blogging, since I've been busy in real life. And by busy I mean playing online Scrabble. Which I kick ASS at. Except the computer cheats. And also does not consider ASS to be a real word.

On Brazilian waxing: I've done it all. Nair (which is embarrassing, mostly b/c when you then go out in public Everyone can smell it on you and KNOW what you just did). Shaving = scary. I'm no good at slicing an onion, why would I be better at slicing off hair and not the rest?? Waxing = easy peasy. Unless they try the "strip-less" wax - then RUN. OH GOD the pain of them s.l.ow.l.y peeling off wax!

Did have a "chocolate" wax once. It smelled delicious. Unfortunately the husband is not as into chocolate as I am.

Have now over-shared and must go back to washing the dishes. And by washing the dishes I mean playing Scrabble.


Oh wow. You have some devoted commenters. I will just keep it short. Love your posts. Envy your sex. ;-)

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