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May 26, 2010


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Is it just me or was that chair great for breaking the sexual tension ice?


You know what's frightening to consider about roommate situations? Just how many people have fucked on the same crappy futon.


I can see a movie made based on this Yellow Chair. The potentials are endless: Could be a romantic comedy. Could be a bromance. Could be drama. Could be a horror film also now I think about it more...

Can't wait when you start writing about the Shut-Your-Pie-Hole roommate. Charmer I can tell.


I think I kind of love that yellow chair.

I also think I have issues.

(shut your pie-hole is the most annoying phrase ever!!)


THAT is an awesome story! I think maybe bad roommate dude left his bad karma in the chair. :)

P to the S
Totally just spent the last few days reading through your posts and I've decided you're totally and completely awesome! You have a new reader in moi.


I take it there were no antics that happened in that chair? Would have been a nice send off to the Boozer.


One question, was the chair covered in crushed velvet? Please say yes.


Dunno, I think "shut your suck" is worse than "shut your pie hole" -- I'd like to think my mouth deserves some pie too, ya know?


I've just started reading, but you are ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!!! I also can't help but laugh when someone falls on their face or gets flipped out of a chair!

Kim @ Beautiful Wreck

Someone sent me a link to your blog after I requested to be spammed with good reads. OMG.... this stuff is complete comedy. I will be reading all night!


...no chance i can find that chair somewhere, eh?

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