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May 11, 2010


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Deanna Hernandez-Arza

wow....did your husband read the article too...


and that is exactly how I landed my hot ass girlfriend. Just plopped my boner on some leaves and boom.


Yup...not having to exert effort sometimes gets the boys lucky!

Rebekah @ mom-in-a-million

This? Is genius. Especially the part about platinum cards on bars. And about putting erections on display because sometimes I'm not thinking about sex until that special something brushes against me and than I'm all "Hey! I wonder what I could do this *that*?" Which is usually about when my toddler wakes up and starts calling "Mommy!". And is why he'll probably be an only child.


Three cheers for morning wood!


Egad, I've got, like, a zillion house plants. I should be having WAY more sex!


haha! so i need more house plants apparently...oh and a guy. hmm...


Ahhh, now I know why my wife got me a ghillie suit ( http://bit.ly/akv7sr ) for Valentine's Day and why she's always asking me to wear it to bed. It also explains why it was crotchless. And why, whenever I go deer hunting, all I seem to find are female chimps.

K-Dawgs Korner

Can I just say that your blog posts absolutely crack me up. LOL


A little late to the party. Finally got caught up on all the posts. For some reason, I have to do that before I comment. I guess so I can make some pretense to knowing what I'm talking about. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that this is my new favorite blog.


Nevermind Jane Goodall. Too bad *I* wasn't there to watch.


That's awesome. I think you totally just called your husband a chimp.



I feel so so special :)

And I could do with some platinum card tapping exposure. Although I find the bigger the credit rating the smaller the erection :P Give me torn leaves and grass stains any day of the week!


So what you're saying is that I use the platinum card to buy him some leaves to sit on and then he'll get an erection? I think I see an Etsy shop in my future. Now selling "Hand Gathered Erection Leaves."


Dang it, WHERE is Desmond Morris when you need him? Awesome story, by the way! ;)

Miss Ash

If I was eating Cheerios, milk totally would just come out of my nose.


I love the way you lead into your stories.


One more thing: it says a lot about my sorry state that I am more turned on by this "... half asleep while my husband got up to take care of the kids..." than the manly display. Do the dishes for me and you will get sex for gratitude.


LOL!! Morning wood is the best, he's ready - you don't have to put forth a lot of effort - both of you can get your rocks off! A great way to start the day. An orgasm a day especially in the morning really puts you in a GREAT Mood all day!! "God I miss Jack!"

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