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May 05, 2010


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Deanna Hernandez-Arza

You are the funniest mother of the year!!!


There is so a Mother of The Year award and I am certain they are coming to my house this year! You can tell your husband not to rain on all of our parades!!!
Also you are still in the running. One slip up does not disqualify you. Every mother has to take her turn with doing a terrible motherly thing. Like taking one for the team.


bahahaha your stories never get old! And think about it, when your daughter is older and realizes what it was, she's going to freak and then you'll have to explain that one to her! Having to have that conversation should definitely put you in the running for Mom of the Year. And I totally agree, funniest mother of the year for sure!


Totally Mother of The Year! Because when said daughte is older, she will completely understand that having a Carmen around is perfectly natural! Yeah!

Just Another Mother

Please, that was so your husband's fault. He should know the plopping a child down on your side of the bed is risky business and avoid it. Make sure Sunday's hairdo is tiara appropriate because I have a feeling this is your year.


Way to hilarious! Totally the husbands fault though - he should know better! this is why my children are not allowed in my room when I'm not there - ever...


It's about time a real mother won instead of some "leave it to Beaver/picket fence" type.

No pun intended with the Beaver reference of course.

Real women use vibrators


Oh my daughter and her friend were going through my closet to play dress up when they were 8 and totally left the whole (seriously hidden to anyone BUT an 8 year old) treasure bag open after looking through it for glittery baubles. No clue on their part, none at all, and I thank whatever is holy that no one said "um, mom?" in a high squeaky voice filled with 8 year old angst that would haunt me until I was on my death bed had it happened. It didn't, phew. Point being? Like she knows? Hello? Not a chance. You're still officially in the running. No harm, no foul.

Bee aka scarred for life

Must say this though...

When looking for a blanket in my mother's cupboard recently I accidentally dislodged a box. That turned out to be FULL of sex toys. And sex toys that made my eyes go O.o

I considered telling my sister, but there's no point us both needing therapy :(


it's going to hit her one day ... like it did me. i had no clue what the darn thing was when i saw my mom's. i thought it was a funny looking back massager. (didn't hit me that it is awfully small for a BACK massager...) but I was 10.

it still grosses me out today to think about it. i TOUCHED IT!



I'm pretty sure that, uh, relying on Carmen Electra will ensure that you never become a mother again. So I think you're taking yourself out of the running for Mother of the Year. You're still ahead of me, though, as I have no children nor Carmen Electra. Savor the win.


LOL! Your poor daughter--thank goodness she isn't old enough to know what that was. Sadly, when I discovered my step-mom's toy, I was old enough to know and I was traumatized (still am...even though I don't look down on the use of toys!). It doesn't make you a bad mom or less mom of the year though :)

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