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May 07, 2010


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I'm really tempted to move that box now ;) What a Mother's Day present that would be.

And I don't think I could tell people to listen to you enough. Thanks Kit, I love reading your blog. I just have to stop being online when you post the link to twitter so it's not so obvious I'm stalking you. JOKE. Sorta...


you my dear, are very kind. i was reading this post, and then, actually almost snorted my coffee AGAIN - this time out of surprised glee at being a featured commenter. Oy veh. Lesson learned - no coffee whilst blogging dangerously. xoxoxoxoxoxoxXO


So cute. Love your followers comments.


Kit: You know that horrible feeling you had when you were a kid and did something wrong and you weren't sure if your mom knew? It's payback time. You should totally FUCK with your mother and move that box to another cupboard so she's not sure if she put it back in the wrong place or if you did something with it.

I'm your new blog-stalker. I've loved everything I've read so far, but this... this... this is Bloggess-level. Wow.

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