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May 26, 2010


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I have shaved since high school and the only time I questioned it was when I got pregnant. I didn't know what the doctor would think! Decided in the end I didn't care and kept shaving. I hate the upkeep too, but I'm terrified of wax.


LOL wax isn't so bad, doesn't even hurt.

It's just the experience that is bad. Worse than a visit to the gynaecologist because at least they spent years at medical school learning how to have a good look down there.

And don't forget how you get to bend over to make sure it's all gone with a Brazilian...

Plus I think women are more critical of other women than men are. Which is the reason my gyno is a man. Most beauticians are women...

Anyway, you only live once :P

Wanda Mae (@piggytailmommie)

much needed morning laugh! thanks for writing this!


Way to take one for the team! And where is the reference to bush whacking? And also, can't you just get drunk before you go?


never mind, see NOW I see the title. No coffee yet. My bad.

Van Kapeghian

I wonder if anyone has every tried Bump Patrol or those other ingrown hair treatments down there


I have gotten a Brazilian. It is TOTALLY worth not having to shave for a month, PLUS some. The process itself...well, that is an interesting one. The wax isn't the painful part. The lips...that is the painful part. I almost came off the table. Twice. Because God gave us two. In the end, I would do it again.

And like Bee said, you do have to turn over and get in doggy style position so they can make sure the exit (or entrance for some) is up to par. That part doesn't hurt at all, but it sure feels weird!

Also, you have to have at least a weeks worth of growth to get a Brazilian. I would say two weeks as it is slightly less painful as the wax will adhere to the hair and not your skin. In addition, the more you wax, the less you will have to in the future and times between waxing can get up to at least 8 weeks.


One word: SUGARING.... way better than wax. And the hair grows in so fine and soft that you don't care that it's growing in. Also, sugaring makes you less prone to ingrown hairs because they pull out WITH the growth of the hair instead of against it. And did I mention that it is less likely to burn your bits too?? Sugar doesn't have to be heated as much as wax!!

I started out as a waxing girl, until I had a kid-ended up a single mom and poor as dirt and moved to shaving. Now, hugely pregnant and unable to reach my girly bits I've discovered the magical powers of sugar! I will never go back to wax again!! Or shaving for that matter!!


I always waxed my bikini line (at home with those wax strip kits from the drugstore) and trimmed the rest tidy. One day, purely on a whim, I shaved it all. Hubby loved it, so I keep it bare. Now I epilate with an Emjoi until it hurts to much, and then I shave the rest. Tweezers are great for plucking the odd stray hair. I am WAY too chicken and cheap to get a salon wax.


Why the hell would a guy care? Now a GUY who is shaved. Um yeah that's fucking weird. Wtf. Yeah. No. Not interested. I'm all about the manscaping but seriously, that was just gross.

Anyway, why don't you try getting a bikini wax and test the waters to see how long it lasts and the regrowth? And please report back.


I've never gone totally bare. I think it's because I'm scared of potential consequences and looking like I'm 12. But for maintenance, I like to use a depilatory (sp?). Veet makes a sensitive skin version you can use on your hooha and it last a good 3-4 days. no ingrown hairs, no bumps. :)


I've been doing it for years. So long that it feels odd to have hair. I think I started when I was 16 because I like you was intrigued by the hair-less-ness of the girls that were in Playboy. I live outside of Boston and have seen 4 different Gynos since I started and none have ever raised and eyebrow. In fact one of them gave me tips (she was great.) I prefer the clean shaven look and so does my hubby, so much he has started keeping up his own trim. =-) I think it was scary or weird the first few times and lets face it you have to be flexible to get in some spots but it just looks and feels better to me. I have never gotten a Brazilian but wanted one when I was prego and couldn't reach. Hubs refused to "go there." I was so uncomfortable having hair and felt embarrassed when I was in labor that I wasn't clean shaven and apologized to the plethora of people who just had to come in to view my va jay jay. Like I said been doing it a long time 15 years...wonder if I'll still be doing it at 60..little scary to think about that. LOL How did you break your hip again?? Think I'll lie when my grandkids ask. =-D


Shoulda mentioned... home Brazilians are a bad idea. Apparently if you chicken out halfway during pulling of the wax strips it bruises like hell. And does NOT look good!! Pay a trained professional.


I've been single for so long, I don't even shave my legs regularly. And by "regularly," I mean "practically never." Coincidentally, this might also be WHY I'm single. Hmm.


I hated getting a brazilian. Shaving is just easier for me. The last wax I ever got left me bruised and bleeding. I'll pass, thanks.


I tried sugaring at home (thank you about.com) on my legs and got weird bruises. I didn't chicken out when pulling either. Not sure what I did wrong. Anyway, I just shave -- my legs that is. As far as bush whacking I did it once and felt like a 9yo so that was it for me. Hubby prefers a bushier bush than I do so I have to beg for a shaping/trim; when we do it he's the technician & uses a clipper. Frankly I really think I wouldn't like being hairless more now because of my c-section scar. It's tiny and nice (GREAT ob/gyn), but still.


Too bad about the judgemental pretend-playa douchebag. But can you really fault him for thinking that you were the craziest girl he had ever been with? There's no possible way that you weren't. And I'm sure that's still true for him to this day. That's his problem, though; definitely not yours. Really, how much fun would this blog be if you weren't at least a liitle crazy?

Deanna E. Hernandez-Arza

I share with your opinion...plus, I use to get pimples down there b/c of the ingrown hair


Boston might be a little conservative, but I grew up in the deep South. Nothing like a gyno with a cross on her wall that likes to talk about the "beauty of motherhood".

Anyway, please try out the waxing thing. I've been shaving forever. (I never could stand having hair down there,) and I've been wanting to try getting it waxed. I just don't know if it's worth waiting for it to grow out.


I've done waxing before. I told the lady I'd see how much I could take. Ended up with a full brazilian and loved it. Problem is it can get expensive and letting it grow out is a pain. Now I save waxing for special occasions, like a vacation.


i have awful skin & ingrown issues & wax to AVOID all of that. seriously. call it infantilization, call it whatever you want. i get regular brazilians & it keeps my skin healthy & my follicles clean. hurts less than waxing my eyebrows.


love going to Brazil. can't imagine ever shaving again. Hair barely grows back. You should try it...for the blog, of course.


The first time I shaved *everything* was in college. The next day I went to Planned Parenthood to pick up birth control pills and the office required an exam. I was mortified. Now I realize that a gynecologist at a free clinic in a college town has seen much worse than cleanly shaven female genitalia.


I wrote about my own adventures in forestry. You may enjoy it.



garden party

ah, the pleasantries of this unpleasant grooming. as a person who was in the beauty industry for 10 plus years and sexually active for far longer i'll simply say what you're comfortable with matters most!

pleasing your partner's request can be fun and it's always good to seek adventure if you're a willing participant. let's face it, it's hair- it will, and does grow back (luckily).

once asked to bare it all because of an extreme hatred of 'hair down there' i gave in and was terrified at what i saw in the mirror. i felt small and childlike and much less sexy completely bare.

at an attempt to give myself a bikini wax, i was actually left with a burn scar. apparently my skin is VERY sensitive...good to know after the fact.

i'm all for maintenance and closely shaved/well trimmed and beautifully designed landscaping and i'm also a fan of my partners doing the same.

if i have to stand in the shower nearly upside down and do gymnastics to be sure no strays are around the least you can do is pull out the electric (beard) shaver and do a little work yourself.

(i know i'm late to the party... but just had to add to the conversation,hahaa)

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