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May 19, 2010


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DE Arza

I need to take notes because I am not loud at all...I feel strange about people might hear me...but I need to stop focus on people and focus on me

Jennifer @ three pugs & a baby

I used to be very loud. Now.... I'm more economical with my technique. You know, because of the wee one in the next room and the hubs in the office downstairs. Probably a hard one to explain, both to a child and to a business call.


Tom Clancy has a 16" cock. It's a fact. He pays me well to post that as random comments on blogs around the web. He likes to call it the Purple-Headed October.


I'm pretty quiet, either alone or with wife. The only difference is that when I climax with wife I try not to shout "I win! I win!". She hates when I do that.


i'm frikkin' silent when i'm on my own. barely even any heavy breathing. when i'm with a guy it's a whole 'nother story, though...

Alex @alexcampbell11

I'm certainly in the minority here...But I'm neither loud nor quiet when I'm alone...because I'm never alone.

Frankly...my husband is really that good that no little vibrator can guarantee me the results I have with him on a regular. And I am so loud my voice is gone in the morning.

Just Another Mother

My husband is the screamer in our relationship. But when it's just me and Mr. Miyagi (my Hitachi Magic Wand), I do tend to get a little grunty.

Yeah. I know that's pretty sexy. What can I say?




when I am alone, I am always singing. Not that I know how to sing or anything, but being alone just makes me "think" I can.


I'm too busy laughing at what AlexanderDope said to remember what I came here to say :(


I'm usually quiet... Trying to experiment with finally hearing what I'd sound like. But I never have enough privacy! (Plus, I think it's time for a new vibe...)


I'm pretty quiet especially w/kids in the other room and usually hubs asleep next to me (sorry honey). Ditto another poster too I need a Carmen apparently to spice up the alone time!!


So your not going to believe me but I don't...Really I haven't gone there in MONTHS. I have a 3 yr old who doesn't nap and absolutely no time to myself so there is no "special me time." Luckily I have a very vivid imagination and fantastic dreams at night some of which make me crawl on top of my hubby and start riding him right there still half asleep. I was never very loud when I got the chance. I have tried and tried again but I never got off half as well by myself as when I am with another person. Maybe I should invest in a Rabbit or a Carmen Electra and make Hubby take our son for some male bonding time while I bond with myself.


When I'm with Hubby I am an Opera singer. We need two pillows and have recently considered a ball gag. =-)


My parents' house, then dorm life made me desperate for privacy. The whole world does not need to know when I am having special me time, thank you very much! I tend to stay pretty quiet--heavy breathing, a few soft noises towards the end. Of course, this meant I could go for hours with no one the wiser. ;)


hubby tends to look amused when I make quite a bit of noises, especially those of encouragement ;) he's quiet except for the ooohhhhs etc. what I find hilarious is that I get great orgasms when going on morning runs (no idea how that came about). I live out of town but don't need the postie to start smirking.... so more noise inside of the house I guess!


Funny, I long for peace/quiet/silence when we're together & rarely get it. Alone, even with the kids in the house watching a video I'm noisy before I realize that I'm noisy.

And all this reading has made me wonder about "Thinking Off" -- I can do it, can you? It's kind of a subtopic in this article.



actually when hubby and i dont have to be quiet im pretty vocal.. now when its just me( so hubby doesnt come running ) im pretty quiet!!!


I'm always louder when I'm not alone. I think it's because I enjoy showing my partner that I'm enjoying it (well that is of course if he is good).


Oh yes, I'm a screamer. For sure. But only with J. When it's me and the vib (it needs a name) I'm quiet. Usually b/c I want my alone time and don't want J to come running in.
However, my usual screaming with J has been stopped by the fact that we now have J's friend living with us for a few months.
He needs to leave.

All this talk/reading about vibs has convinced me I need some more toys. I only have two :(

But I have to laugh at this b/c my dog... her name is Aria!


i can get pretty loud, actually. i am a screamer and moaner...but not usually till i reach the big O. before that, i'm usually quiet b/c i'm too busy getting in the mindset/fantasy mode :) but i do think being alone/being uninhibited makes being louder easier (if that's the word i want ha).


My hubby and I live with his grandparents right now (because we're THAT COOL) and I am always terrified that I am going to be heard downstairs. And since I never know when they have guests, and since their guests tend to be the sweet, innocent, religious types, I am always terrified that if I make a single peep, I'll go downstairs after for some water only to be greeted by several set of shocked eyeballs. So, I am quiet. Honestly, though, I suspect I will be the "wake the neighbors" type (someday) when I have my own home.

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