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May 24, 2010


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Lexapro, an antidepressant had that effect on me, but times 1000.

D H-Arza

I call that Love!!!


Props to your husband!!! That is love!! =)


Haha that is what a marriage is all about. Give and take ;-)

Sarah @ Cole's First Blog

Hey, check out my blog today - there's an award for you! http://coleemmett.blogspot.com/2010/05/im-saturday-celebrity.html


Yeah, delaying pain relief is definitely love. I don't know that I've ever loved anyone I was with enough to do that.

On an unrelated note, go here to see why I haven't accepted your request on Twitter: http://thoughtsfromthehexzone.blogspot.com.

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points

I love a selfless man like that.


Wait, my inner sports nerd tells me that if it was truly a perfect game then your score would be 0. So I'm going to coin a phrase and call it a FREAKING AWESOME game (not as rare, but way more fun than a perfect game.) Kudos. To both of you. I hope you went all the way with the sports metaphor and let loose with an "I win!" at the moment of truth. Or, even better, all three of them.


I love that! now..i know what happens when Men take the oxycodone...but have you taken it???? I could write an entire essay on that...:) Yes, kudos to ur hubby. AND u for not only your night, but having that night post a Hannah Montana party!!!! WOW. You are my hero :)


That is love!

Wanda Mae (@piggytailmommie)



Aw, no pain, no gain!
By the way, is it weird a funny thing happened during a romp with the Mr last night and my first thought was...I'm sure Kit would appreciate this.

San Diego Momma

I had to read this twice to know you weren't talking about baseball.

Looks like I need to have more sex.


Why is everyone adding their own links now? Have you risen to the ranks of spammable?

I'd click, but I come here for you. And AlexanderDope, of course :)


Bee, I dunno about anyone else, but I only posted my blog because there's a reason I haven't re-added poor Kit to my accepted followers. I'm sick of spelling out details, so I blogged about it.

No one really wants to click mine anyway...I usually only blog in the middle of the night and most of it makes no sense. It doesn't even make sense to me!


Another sports geek here that thought the same thing about it not being a 'perfect game' but a moment for the play books .. I think it would have been complete with a lot of 'hooooommeruuun!' yelling


Its so great when you get to score that many times without having to go extra innings.

Hats off to the hubs!

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