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April 27, 2010


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No details?

No... uhm... sigh...

Here I was - getting ready to recharge my batteries... I mean - uhm for the computer, yeah - the computer... LMAO!

And I get ---- so we went to my apartment.





I was born and raised 20 miles north of Boston and it is true about not going out alone and keeping you BFF from grade school. My brother and his BFF met in Pre-K and they are 36yrs old and still meet weekly for breakfast. As for going out alone it is just safer that way, I mean Boston is great but not crime free. I carried pepper spray when I would come home from work at night, nothing ever happened but it never hurts to be prepared. Another good thing about you bringing the Axe Murderer back to your place is that you can kick him out when your done and all you have to do is roll over and go back to sleep instead of getting a taxi. Boston subways close at 1am or so which really sucks. Make him find his way home.


sure sign of an axe murderer: if during small talk, he asks, "so, what size skin suit are you?"

Kristin Glasbergen

Great story!

Deanna Hernandez-Arza

Sooo...what happens next...???

Just Another Mother

I don't want to sound all pervy or anything, because I'm truly not looking for a purient thrill, but the ending was rather...abrupt. Are we practicing bloggus interuptus?

A Vapid Blonde

I would have to say that is probably the best pick up line ever! And if you looked like Dexter thats just icing on the murdering cake!


Thanks for explaining why I don't get dates when I'm in Boston. Now I have to remember where I left my BFF from kindergarten so I can dig her up the next time I go to Boston.

A Vapid Blonde

AND by you of course I meant him. What with all of this hooking up talk I prematurely published.


Just got sent your blog link. LOVE it! The whole 'anonymity' thing was a good idea- should have thought if it before I started blogging about farm animal porn. DARN!
;) xo
will be back.


p.s. it was *JEN* who sent me- I understand she is kind of a big deal around here. ;)

Todd 'tojosan' Jordan

Hey wait, you took him back to your pad and we don't get details? Sigh.
Also, is that part of the Boston thing? You make them feel welcome and invite them home? :)


Damn, all I ever picked up were drunk frat boys, and I don't think any of them had an axe.


I'm with you, Wendyly.... not one of mine had an axe. They were however an assorted bunch of tools.


Just found your blog, awesome!

Boston is exactly like that, btw. Except I thought they were all mobsters instead of ax murderers...

Or is it that only the ax murderers are alone?


Love this. Next chapter please????

I am happy to say I have had no close encounters of the axe kind.


Ah, let's have more writing about Best Pickup Lines because this may be the best ever. Kudos to you, BD!

Miss Ash

I not only hooked up with him... but I also _slept_ with the axe murderer for like... a year. In my defense, he was really hot and I figured that if he was gonna kill anyone, it wouldn't be me because it was obvious we were seeing each other and his parents had met me... and, well, if I was axed EVER, he'd be the first person they investigated because, well, I *was* dating an axe murderer. Or serial killer. Either way I felt safe enough.

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